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The Silence: A Poem And Explanation

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The Silence

I beg you
But that.

You know
How it pains me
To speak about this.

A past
I do not want
To remember
Ever again.

Where pain
Walked beside me
It's hands
In mine.

Caused by
A family member
Younger than me.

As his whipping post
For his anger
Against the world.

Author notes: this poem is the product of my attempt to revive, an old project that I had set aside, in 2010. Stupid, stupid me. I had started to write about myself and my past, in a series of monologues, that I have posted on another site. I found, the deeper, i got, the more traumatic, it became for me. Almost like I was having a PTSD flashback, with each section, I completed.

I faced abuse, on two fronts, at home, and on the schoolyard. At home, the physical and emotional abuse came primarily, at the hand's, of my younger brother. I won't name him, as I don't want to dignify his actions towards me or his name. Sadly, I find it very hard to talk to anyone, about this part of my past, hence, the title.

I hope this doesn't act, as a trigger, for any members.
Its great to express yourself well done. Check out ellie goulding explosions that I express my self. Take care rich x
Thank you, Richard. Is Ellie Goulding explosions, a post on the forum, here? Or the author and her published work?
Not open for further replies.