The To-Do List (under increased Stress)

Rani G2

My Stress Levels are high due to a mother who got a Cancer Diagnosis (Early stage, Chemo..ect ect, she is on the safe side) And everyday Life challenges mini/Tiny / big ones (Depending on perspective, cognitive distortion, humans) I have a tendency to postpone things, not dealing with Bank matters or filling forms for insurance. I haven’t been doing Yoga (Only the Gym once in a while)Because a part of me says = „Don’t Do anything just lay on the couch and save energy) So, before things pile up and I’m just wasting hours and not doing any selfcare, even eating healthy food is a difficult issue, my bath tub is dirty, I must get atleast one or two things done...

So this is my List for today:

Gym (Unsure if I make it.. I’m tired, I want to watch TV)

Bank transfer

Filling out a form for insurance (Nahhhh maybe tomorrow)


Let’s see what I can Do. What are your tasks today?


Clean the tub you’ll feel better. it always works for me. I finally used “barkeepers friend“ I think it’s called that? And some vinegar to get the soap scum off. Noting gets that off lol. I also have been using a stainless steel cleaner on the stove top I can’t believe how great it is, I didn’t think of it as an actual cleaner but it works on the stove top as well as the appliances like the fridge which gets covered with fingerprints.


I had to get an ex- ray taken, did that. Am reading a biography, planned to do that, had some corn on the cob for lunch. I still have to cook supper and eat. I also need to figure out what to wear to church tomorrow.


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I just finished an EMDR session with my "coach." I have an interview in 25 minutes. After that, I need to cook a large quantity of vegetables and quinoa, pick up my home depot order, clean the cat box, clean this disgusting living room and do my hip, shoulder and hamstring exercises.

I hope things are getting better and easier for you.