The To-Do List (under increased Stress)

Rani G2

My Stress Levels are high due to a mother who got a Cancer Diagnosis (Early stage, Chemo..ect ect, she is on the safe side) And everyday Life challenges mini/Tiny / big ones (Depending on perspective, cognitive distortion, humans) I have a tendency to postpone things, not dealing with Bank matters or filling forms for insurance. I haven’t been doing Yoga (Only the Gym once in a while)Because a part of me says = „Don’t Do anything just lay on the couch and save energy) So, before things pile up and I’m just wasting hours and not doing any selfcare, even eating healthy food is a difficult issue, my bath tub is dirty, I must get atleast one or two things done...

So this is my List for today:

Gym (Unsure if I make it.. I’m tired, I want to watch TV)

Bank transfer

Filling out a form for insurance (Nahhhh maybe tomorrow)


Let’s see what I can Do. What are your tasks today?


Clean the tub you’ll feel better. it always works for me. I finally used “barkeepers friend“ I think it’s called that? And some vinegar to get the soap scum off. Noting gets that off lol. I also have been using a stainless steel cleaner on the stove top I can’t believe how great it is, I didn’t think of it as an actual cleaner but it works on the stove top as well as the appliances like the fridge which gets covered with fingerprints.


I had to get an ex- ray taken, did that. Am reading a biography, planned to do that, had some corn on the cob for lunch. I still have to cook supper and eat. I also need to figure out what to wear to church tomorrow.


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I just finished an EMDR session with my "coach." I have an interview in 25 minutes. After that, I need to cook a large quantity of vegetables and quinoa, pick up my home depot order, clean the cat box, clean this disgusting living room and do my hip, shoulder and hamstring exercises.

I hope things are getting better and easier for you.

Rani G2

Yoga ,having difficulty with the whole starting thing.. it feels like „Oh so yes this pose, breath,next pose breath, hold, wait, Body awareness blah

But mostly I feel very grounded afterwards.. not sure about the spiritual aspect of yoga..
I don’t have antennas for anything out of my horizon, I‘m limited Indy thinking and perceiving. Only worried about full tummy and sleep. Very materialistic and superficial