Therapist Banned Me From Talking About My Ex


So, my therapist banned me from talking about my ex.

This was the only place (aside from here) where I actually talked about him.

I feel silenced. It’s difficult as I deal with obsessive thoughts in relationship to being not pure and I cannot even talk about this in a therapeutic space.

I am very frustrated right now.

Background: I only go to therapy on average once every two weeks because she cancels on me that often. So, I don’t actually talk about him much at all in the grand scheme of things.
gentle empathy, eve. i've had this experience more than once and it does feel like a slap in the face. in my case, i needed those slaps. there is talking and then there is obsessing. i wasn't ex-obsessed, but obsessing is obsessing, whatever the topic. in therapy, i tend to use my obsessions as a deflection tool to keep from approaching anything personal.

breathing with you.
Im sorry Eve.
Good point artie.
When something happens, I tend to ruminate about things and it is very self destructive for me. Very hard to stop.
God, I'm sorry @EveHarrington - that just sounds really shitty, I'm guessing she has a reason (?) but yeah, I'd be upset too.

Did she say what her reason was?

She just said I was talking about him too much and that I needed to stop. I don’t believe in avoidance as things just end up eating me alive inside and then everything goes haywire and I end up in a much worse place. I don’t think less than 40 minutes 2X a month is “too much”. The whole session is never about him.

THIS ex stuff is my prominent struggle right now and I’m not allowed to talk about any of it. I’m just supposed to shove down those feelings of being un-pure and forget that this was an issue he taunted me with for years. Yes, because ignoring issues is the answer! Follow this on down…..then therapy should be abolished completely because you’d have nothing to talk about, ever.

I HATE being silenced.

I just cry all the time because I keep turning to others for help and end up hitting walls. (I’m encountering issues with being harassed in group therapy as well.)