Therapists’ cancellation policies/Ts&Cs…


I doubt I’ll get more clarity on the cancellation policy. I think I’ll just have in mind that, if I cancel with less than 24 hrs notice, it’s possible that I’ll get invoiced for it (but not necessarily!) A little loose, but I can live with that.

I was quite frustrated during and straight after the session, because she didn’t say much at all. She just listened and didn’t really respond to most of what I said. But, thinking about it now, in the past, she has sometimes got quite defensive in these kinds of conversations, which has made the situation worse and caused me more stress and upset. So, perhaps this is good progress in a way? That opting to just listen and not respond to every point probably stops her from getting defensive.

So, going to do my best to park this now, and not go down a rabbit hole with it. I’m not seeing her for a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping that, by then, I feel ok enough with her to pick up on where we were before this blip. Not quite sure how to do that as the thought of it…I don’t know whether it feels possible at the moment. But that’s probably another thread!