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Sufferer There is hope - Diagnosed CPTSD in 2016 - I am here to learn and grow and help others

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New Here
I just recently found this forum after my psychologist suggested another website that did not resonate with me. My doctor has referred me to numerous psychiatrists and no one will take my case, my care is out of their scope of practice. I have been on the road to recovery for over a decade now. I was diagnosed with everything under the sun and have exhausted medication management. My doctors finally had my genetics tested recently. I am a high metabolizer of drugs. Medications are rendered ineffective and cause rare, severe side effects. I now use breathwork, EMDR therapy, art therapy, exercise (circus arts and hiking), firm boundaries with others along with a clean diet and phytochemicals. I also suffer from an undiagnosed eating disorder, so what I do eat is very important. I see a Diagnostic Clinical Psychologist on Sept 6, 2022 for a complete psychological analysis. I am educated as a plant biologist, have over 20 years experience in biomedical research and I'm starting a certificate program soon in Holistic and Integrative Health so that I can help others. I am still on my healing journey and have a long way to go. I'm here to learn and grow and teach. My hope is that we all realize there is nothing wrong with us, we are just traumatized, and all these symptoms we suffer from are because of that trauma. My trauma spans 4 decades. I am a warrior and so are you!
My hope is that we all realize there is nothing wrong with us, we are just traumatized, and all these symptoms we suffer from are because of that trauma. My trauma spans 4 decades. I am a warrior and so are you!
Welcome to the site! Sounds like you’ve done a lot of work. It’s the only way to find improvement and lasting healing.

It does feel so much like a war when symptoms are flaring…but thankfully I have learned to “bounce back” though it’s not the way I used to be able to. It takes longer, but being persistent and consistent goes a long way.

I hope you will gain knowledge and understanding of yourself and your situation. I know I have.

Blessings to you and yours!
It is very difficult to learn, improve, and move forward, even with super tiny steps, when one cannot find a therapist who "gets it!"
I to have a lengthy trauma history. Most from long ago no longer bother me to my knowledge anyway. The most recent trauma I'm "living with" so to speak, is narcissistic abuse! Sadly, it was not just one! Beginning in late 2019, my(then) therapist began a crusade to destroy me. Dec 2019 the therapist's best friend, my then Psych Nurse Practitioner joined. Then came March 2020, a college instructor and classmates joined the terrorizing! August 2020, my now Notmom and Notsis jumped on the wagon! Of course there were multitudes of flying monkeys to keep watch and report on me as well.
In order to make this a shorter story, I'll end by saying I am NOTHING like I once was! I trust NO one! Not even myself! I've no real support because I don't trust. I fear things that once made me laugh. I cannot be happy because it always means "something is fixin to happen!" My reputation was shattered and ruined beyond repair or so it seems right now. I prefer no socializing in person. I will go to stores and therapy. Sometimes a movie if the reviews are good. Otherwise I stay at home, but myself. Well except for the dang cats I seem to attract! Lol! It's rather attract 2 dozen cats than 1 narcissist!
I pray that soon things will get better. I don't know how and don't care as long as I feel relief and some peace.
hello warrior. welcome to the forum. sorry for what brings you here, but glad you are here.

i hope you didn't give up on that other website too quickly. when it comes to psychotherapy, i believe it pays to diversify, especially for those of us with rare conditions. what resonates this week often loses effectiveness in the next phase of recovery while things that didn't resonate in the last phase often come into alignment for the next phase. recovery is a process of change. it pays to keep other doors open.

just opining and you do not sound like a soul without opinions of your own.

gentle support while you find what works for you.
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