This Is A Great Addition

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I think this is a great addition to the forum. I hope to see many fellow members post on this new topic.


I agree, it's good to have a place for positive stories. I'm interested to read what people will write here.


Thank veiled and bec, this is there baby so to speak. They discussed their ideas with me, we come to this determination, and here it is.

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LMAO Terry, you crack me up. From us both I can say thank you. But everyone here is who should pat them self on the back. No matter how bad things are there is a story of fighting and getting well. I have not posted mine and my hubs has not had a chance as well, we are dealing with relapse here right now. I know Bec is in a bit of the same boat as I.

But healing happens. Even when you fall over, it happens. When I feel well "Johny longtorso" (sp?) and I will have a chance to add our own. As mine is a true success. I would not be alive without this place. To be alive and still see light come in is truly a success. And to have days before this relapse during healing that I even felt well enough that I thought I did not have this, the docs messed up, shows me healing is possible and happens.

I wish to see the hope we all so desperately need in here. Supporters need a place to share the joy in seeing those they care for make it to the other side. It takes us time but we do get better. I am slowly getting my feet back under me but I am not near as bad as I have been before judging on how long I have been relapsing. The relapse has been hard but nothing more than a drop in the bucket compared to when I was not in major treatment and found this sanctuary.

Hope to be well enough soon to post with my husband how I am a success too.
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