Sufferer This shoe fits, it seems - TBI, Narcolepsy, & PTSD.

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Hi all; thanks for being here.

I delayed diagnosis because I have health problems and I’m very familiar with the medical profession’s relegating anything other than severe physical damage to mental health where I live, and I couldn’t risk that until recently. I also have a traumatic brain injury and narcolepsy, neither of which are going to go away even if I do figure out even better ways to self-accommodate. After my ptsd (complex, severe, with dissociation and anxiety) diagnosis, I needed acute healthcare and was sent home sick to meditate and practice mindfulness... (our medical records are online and available to all practitioners). Good thing I have a long term background in natural healing and a home apothecary.

Anyway, I am just finishing Pete Walker’s Cptsd book for the second time and I’m taking his advice to find a forum with people who get it, and I’m hoping to find a local therapist; I have numbers to call on Monday.

I’m in my 40s now and just realizing that not only do I not have an identity beyond my roles, I need to figure out how much of my self is strategies and reactions to abuse and how much is my authentic self. I’ve been rebuilding an identity after losing it from TBI, and I’m also beginning to remember memories that have until recently been lost from that injury. I’m remembering also that I did remember before TBI, and I find evidence of that in writing I did before. My children also remember and talk with me about things as they come up. My children were also abused- not by me, which I think is such a mercy because my life was a perfect set-up for turning me into an abuser but it didn’t happen and I just think I’m super lucky.

Complex everything it seems. Thank you all for being here; I am both nervous about participating and feeling just the tiniest twinges of relief that the damaged and traumatized parts of me might not be absolutely alone in the world.


Welcome to a place full of people who 'get it'. Glad you let us know you are here. It's important to see the forum as this huge place with more information and experience than you can imagine.

When I first got here I just read. Read a lot. And found I was not alone in almost anything including my sense of humor.

You are not alone. Take what you need and leave what you don't. Hope to see you around when you get more comfortable. We have fun threads here too. We do laugh and get silly. It's not all pain and work. Tho it will be a lot of that too.

There's always room for one more. Welcome.


Welcome @Teawitheggs !

You should fit right in here, I reckon .

I am in the same boat with children and complex trauma, but my co-morbidity is Aspergers-Autism. So yep, complex brain stuff I get. My partner also has a TBI.

I hope you feel comfortable enough to draw on the peer support here. I find it invaluable, especially as this year has been a nightmare for getting real life support.
You can also start your own Trauma journal for exposure therapy, if you haven't already.
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