Those nights - Too wired for sleep, on high alert, & flashbacks moments away

Its 1am and I feel wired. Flashbacks are moments away and I feel myself sinking into that normal routine of wide awake and on the verge of panic. My service dog is still awake so it helps. It's just so frustrating knowing that I have classes tomorrow but I'm still not going to get any sleep tonight. Do you ever feel like that? Like Its not really even that late but I know I'm not gonna sleep. Its such a specific feeling. Just that high alert, wide awake feeling. I hate it. Guess I should try to be productive?


Do you ever feel like that?
Every autumn for a few weeks up to a couple of months, as well as a few one offs or short jags over the course of the year. It’s funny, avoidance, because the autumn thing has been happening for over 20 years, and yet? I always always always forget it’s coming, and it usually takes me a week or two before the penny drops…. And I’m just like ‘Oh. Right. THIS. Again. Damnit.’

Guess I should try to be productive?
That’s what does me best; burn off all the go-go-go! chemicals in my bloodstream.

Upping my physical activity over the course of the day ALSO helps, tremendously, but I generally need at least 1-3 hours in the gym -or some fantastic sex- right before bed if I’m going to be sleeping tonight, at all. Instead of waiting for the adrenaline crash to let me sleep.


I have a really hard time sleeping. When I am in go mode, I usually get up and do things until I feel sleepy. If my mind is racing, I listen to an audiobook and eventually I fall asleep. I conditioned myself to fall asleep to a book so now it takes no more than half an hour usually. There are some nights I don't sleep at all. I know it's hard when you have to be somewhere in the morning, I'm retired now so I have a lot less stress around sleeping. I can do my farm chores and go back to bed.


it's been quite a few years since i've suffered chronic insomnia, but i remember, all too well, the horror of it. in my own case, "horror" is not too strong a word. the nightmares which had me afraid to sleep all too often leaked through into the stillness of the night.

a therapy journal and restfully productive activities were my ticket out of that vicious cycle. all these years later, i find it ironic that sometimes i actually miss my insomnia. by the time i found my way off of that not-so-merry-go-round those insomnia hours had gently morphed into the most productive hours of my day.


Hi, I used to suffer from terrible insomnia. Very scary. I also used to drink alot of alcohol which f*cks up your sleep. Now I don't drink and take medication at night which helps me sleep. I usually just fall asleep on my couch watching the TV. Then when I wake up I go straight to bed.

Reading might help you. It gives your mind a distraction from the flashbacks and tires your mind. Best wishes and hope it gets better for you.