Thoughts of life.


Does anyone else have thoughts and fear about how life can go by so quickly?

Or have a hard time with people leaving your life or you making changes and leaving people because your scared that you'll never know them again and are afraid of living without them even if they aren't the best for you?

I know my heart is to big,and I know having depression and anxiety can make one simple thought or fear more intense.But I wondered if anyone else struggled with these thoughts or feelings?

I literally break down and cry for hours about how I have this life that doesn't seem to last long it sends me into panic all the time


So sorry you are struggling with these thoughts. Life can seem so hard and unfair at times. It can be a difficult path to traverse sometimes. The best thing to do is to try to find even a glimmer of good in those times. If you don't already, consider keeping a gratitude journal. Record the good times, and when those rough patches come read back through them, to maybe lift you out of those valleys, knowing there are more good times coming. Prayers for peace.


Yes I struggle with that. But also it makes me feel that if life is passing me bye then I need to step up my game....why should everyone else be ahead of me. At some point you have to pick up the reins and drive your own horse. It's not easy but you have to try. f*ck everyone else and concentrate on what you need and want.


Somewhere in our thoughts with PTSD.. We know some of our reactions aren't normal but no one likes change. To some of us, it can feel like a defeat or something abruptly ending.. The question is, why don't we ever look at something like a beginning? Why does everything take on a forever changed, feel to it? Fearful? I would think it's probably because we are use to abandonment. It takes someone pretty articulate, engaged with us in order to "get" at us anyway. Sometimes I can see possibilities where they're not any, or I can just not be imaginative or lazy. I know both sides. Change is a lifetime condition and is always present.
Currently, I'm 41 years of age.

And as I continue to get older, I also find that my life seems to be going by quicker and quicker. To me, two days ago seems like a blink of an eye ago.