Tired of feeling like this


Maybe my girlfriend but I'm just burdening her so much and she doesn't even realize it
Im sorry you're dealing with this time period of suicide ideation :(

I really hope you can feel better soon. My Dr told me to write every morning a list of things I'm thankful for but don't look at the list the day before.

It has improved my mood enough to keep doing.

I quoted what you said about your girlfriend because I wonder if it should be up to her to decide youre burdening her?

I don't need to know just thought I'd point it out just in case you're avoiding her or pushing her away as I have to my husband, when I needed his support the most.

Here for you.


The few people that aren't sick of me talking to them can't help. I don't really feel like anyone cares at this point. I've been threatening to kill myself for so long that when I finally do it It'll probably be a relief for the ones that had to listen to me talk about it anymore. I don't know what to do with this feeling. I'm just burdening everyone around me. I'm not close to anyone anymore.
Does talking about feeling suicidal make you feel better? // Is it the actual act of talking about it, or peoples reactions, or being reminded of solutions, or __________?

Basically looking for what’s the benefit in your life that’s missing when you don’t have people to talk to about being suicidal… to see if there’s another way to get those needs & wants met.