To German people: don't go to the clinic in Lüneburg, Germany

So. I have been in a mental hospital called 'PK Lüneburg' for three months and it was one of the worst times of my life. I just want to warn you. I need no attention, I don't care if you think I am lying. I have been experiencing all of this or seen with my own eyes. Please don't go there.
I heard good things about a clinic in Münster, Germany if you are looking for one.

1: They treat you like a number
2: There are people screaming at you when you make mistakes
3: You are not taken seriously, freshly made scars neither.
4: A guy jumped off a roof when I was there in the clinic. Luckily haven't known him.
5: They have way too many mentally ill people there and they CAN NOT deal with it. They will seduce you and 'secure' you in a room without anything to calm you down when you're 'acting out'. They don't care if it feels like torture to you. I heard a girl scream and it terrified me.
6. I sat in the corner and cried and sobbed... Nobody cared.
7: They haven't figured out a right diagnosis in those three months

You're welcome.
Just a warning.

Ps: I wasn't strong enough to confront them yet. I can't do it yet..