Today’s Session - New Diagnosis Of CPTSD & Increasing Session Frequency


My therapist has added the diagnoses CPTSD to my file. Also the dissociation that causes me to lose focus and other things related is high on the spectrum of how I see myself. I tolerate pain very high and I don't accept myself as a person.

The test revealed allot of how im not grounded and still living in the past. I feel like this test really helped her to understand me so much more and the work we do will be slow. I go every 3 weeks and she would like me to start coming in ever 2 weeks I think thats a good plan. I will ask her to change my appointment time to every 2 weeks when I see her on Jan 7th It was a very good session. She is very well trained in trauma and addiction.

She also assured me that she really cares about me and is really committed to helping me over come my trauma. She knows I have a real fear of abandonment and she is okay with me talking about this without being told she can't see me or decrease our sessions.