Other today and my son and triggered


Well my son, who is 19 almost 20, has been in school for AMT. He is also been on prozac, busiprone and trazodone. His bio-father is bi-polar. I used to always try to fix his father, when he would quit taking his meds and get his meds refilled, getting him into the therapist, the psychiatrist, whatever needed to be done to get him back on track. He would be on his medication, and thought, I feel good, I have been cured and I don't need the medication any more. So he quit taking them and all heck would break lose and get me all upset and crying.

Well this morning, I broke down and cried because I can't help my son or fix him. But I feel like more of a failure. He hasn't been diagnosed bipolar, he but he does tend to get depressed and all out of sorts when he is stressed. He started school in January of this year, then the pandemic, so he came home and tried online ( he is adhd) and he couldn't do it. So he took a LOA, well now he is supposed to have started back, couldn't remember everything, so they put him to audit a class. Did that for a week, and enrollment was messed up. Then he has the last 2 weeks off, and I kept telling him to go to the school office and get it straightened out. Well I missed an appointment on Friday afternoon and went to the school had him meet me at the office and we got him re-enrolled in a class that was to start on Tues. Well Tuesday came, he says he missed bus and walked to the North campus. According to school he never showed. Long story short, he was crying this morning, said everything I said made it worse and wants me and his stepdad to fix it. I know I can't fix him, but it had me in tears and trying to figure out a way to make it work. Same crap I used to do for his dad. I would get upset then fix it all. I just don't want to be so upset over someone else's actions, but he is my son, what am I supposed to do. I want him to succeed.


Hi @cntrymom08466 , sorry that your having a tough time. I don't have kids so my advice is limited. All I can really say is try to help your son but just do as much as you can handle so that your stress cup isn't overflowing. You can only do so much otherwise you'll just start feeling unwell yourself. Best wishes to you. S3 😊