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Today my “coworker” (my pet)...

Today my "coworker" took a nap while I issued my customer a refund. I've only been selling things that can be delivered via digital delivery to avoid contamination but unfortunately there was still a problem with the order. My "coworker" also stared at me during Zoom Zumba class. I suppose I did look silly.
One of my co-workers curled up with a rock behind him. He leaned against it in a U shape. He was kind of invisible that way. He has a job where he can easily get away with something like that.
I have a new set of coworkers this week as my job is in a different location. They are often away from the office dispatched on files or otherwise on aerial patrols. 'Kevin', as I've come to refer to him, has just returned and is using his best authoritative knock on the window to get my attention.

Apparently the masks we've been issued don't fit him, and he's quite upset, also the typical locations where he obtains supplies are closed and the reduced community activity is severely affecting his quality of life.

I've taken his concerns to HR and they gave me some options to serve up on a platter for him. He seems to be in better spirits now.
Today my bashful co-worker was hiding out in his favorite hiding place. He just had his nose sticking out a tiny bit. Then my bully co-worker came over and tried to intimidate bashful and bashful took a lunge at bully for a change. Will wonders never cease.
Went to work in garden and coworker dozed off....

My co worker has started a passionate love affair with a box of my teabags - stoopid name teabags to be precise (Pukka Feel New Tea)

The other day we found him curled up on the chopping board carefully holding the box of teabags between his front paws with a dreamy expression on his face.

After several more such instances we have started putting the teabags in a cupboard.