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Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

Discussion in 'Social' started by somaliaspouse, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. somaliaspouse

    somaliaspouse Member

    hi there -my name is kim and i live in townsville - nth qld australia

    would love to have contact with other wives of ptsd sufferers. there seem to be so many in this city - thanks to the military here. hope to start a small support group with regular meetings in the area - which if needed we can bring our children to

    i have four children ageing from 12 to 4, i am 31 yrs old and my partner and i are currently legally separated. it is very hard to talk to people(friends) when they dont understand what it is like living with someone with a diagnosed mental illness. he has been sick now for 8 of the 13 yrs we have been together.


    send pms for phone contact or email:kiss:
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  3. craftist

    craftist New Member

    Is there anyone in the area? I was diagnosed 3 months ago and not coping too well.
  4. Jimmy

    Jimmy Active Member Premium Member

    Hey there. I am here in Not So Sunny Townsville. Anyone else??
  5. Teddy

    Teddy Active Member

    I am in Brisbane if that is not too far away to stay in touch.
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