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Training my Siberian husky as a service dog for PTSD?


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I have a Siberian husky that goes everywhere with me and he helps a lot with my hyper-vigilance because of how protective he is for me. He often body blocks for me when I'm in a situation where I'm very uncomfortable with someone. He's been very relieving of my symptoms when it comes to going out into the world and I've been feeling safer than I used to before I had him.

Is it possible for me to train him, get him certified, etc. to be a service dog for my PTSD? I can't find any clear answers on the web. Are household pets even allowed to be considered for being service animals?
Is it possible for me to train him, get him certified, etc. to be a service dog for my PTSD?
Depends on what country you’re in.

Some countries require no certification (and do not have a certification process), some countries have limited certifications, some have full certification and allow owner-trained animals, some have full certification but only by licensed groups.
If in US, go up to DOJ website to find the rules. You may need to technically get a psychiatric SD specializing in PTSD. Usually, unless an expert trainer, you will need to find a school or certified service dog trainer. For example, my dog knows how to move safely thru a crowd, maneuver thru the grocery store, go potty on command, ride on an escalator. You will learn your rights, rules. I learned the proper care of my dog when accompanying me into X-Ray room, hospital & doctors visits, restaurants for example. You two will become a team. Sounds more difficult than it is. Worth every minute. My SD goes everywhere with me and he knows how to behave as well as care for me. Pet your Siberian for us!