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Transitioning and Coping with Gender Dysphoria: Needing Support

She told me, she hopes I kill myself =(

So bit to catch up on,
things have gone south again with the wife.
We did have an arrangement that I would see him every 2nd day. But on day one of arrangement yesterday, arrangement is over as she can't deal in seeing me.
And I'm back to no access, soo messed up + he's also gone through one of those development leaps, I'm missing soo much.

It's getting quite nasty with wife, she told me, she hopes I kill myself so she doesn't have to deal with me, or me being in my bubs life. I told her noway shes not getting out that easy, see Bubba is my one reason not to end it. And I'm gonna be with him 100% of the time

She's gonna luv that
I would second getting a divorce lawyer.

I think on some level you will need to accept if your wife is a fit parent & wants shared custody - they are likely to grant that. Hopefully though they will ensure she sticks to the agreement & you get your time.

I’m sorry she’s not accepting of your transition. Hopefully with time she will understand a little bit more, and the shock will wear off. It’s a really massive thing for her, but that’s not a reason for her to be personally insulting to you.
I would definitely look into trans support groups. When I transitioned (ftm) it helped me a lot. I am glad your inner circle has been supportive. It's hard and some people never get it, but it's a relief to be your true self. Hang in there.
I'm sorry that is her position. Maybe with more time she will soften. Maybe it isbthebend of the relationship but there can still be a healthy relationship. Maybe she needs time.

And you can't live a lie to make someone else happy, as both of you will know it is a lie and It will likely tear you apart anyways.