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Trauma Diaries Modified

Discussion in 'Administration' started by anthony, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    I have modified the layout of the trauma diaries slightly, removing the forum "Trauma Public (Restricted)" as it has not been used, and doubt it ever would have. A silly thought on my part really.

    With my current work into mental imagery, learning from Dr. Roerich, I have created a new trauma diary called "Trauma Mental Imagery" which for those willing to use mental imagery to discover their current emotional state may do so, however; be aware that the discussions once started in that forum are public, thus the forum is built for a purpose, and that purpose is to reveal the true power of mental imageries effectiveness in revealing emotions (trauma) that resides upon the minds current state. Once this state is known, a persons ability to effectively work in conjunction with their therapist should dramatically speed up the healing process of major trauma.

    Whilst some aspects may be discussed in conjunction within the private diary itself, the mental imagery diary must be maintained by the participant to atleast show progress / no progress to the technique itself. Some aspects obviously a member may want to keep private, thus take that discussion into the private diary instead, which is more than acceptable in order to help people heal.

    The mental imagery forum is currently closed until such time as I get all the relevant information required into the forum before a person can use the technique itself.
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