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Trauma Diaries

Discussion in 'General' started by anthony, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    I would like to get feedback from those with PTSD about whether or not if I created a forum specific for personal trauma diaries, would it be used or not.

    How I envisage this working:
    • A main forum for trauma diaries
    • Contained within, two sub-forums for trauma diaries
    • One sub-forum would be for those who want to post privately, where only they, myself and Dr Roerich would be able to view their posts
    • The other sub-forum would be for those that want to allow others to hopefully learn from their experiences, and their diary would be public, though only they, myself and Dr Roerich would be able to post to it, nobody else. It would have read only permissions set upon it.
    • The main forum would contain clinical information on trauma and exposure therapies, how to write a diary, and so forth.
    The reason myself and Dr Roerich would have permissions to view and post replies to your diary, is so that you can get feedback from both the PTSD experience angle by myself, and the medical angle from a leading expert in trauma therapy. This would help you to get the best result IMHO.

    Would this be used, or am I better off investing my time in developing other areas and information for members?
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  3. YoungAndAngry

    YoungAndAngry Well-Known Member

    This might sound like a stupid question,
    but... here it goes anyways...
    "what exactly is a trauma diary?)
    (yes... I know it'll be explained more in the actual forum, if you create it)

    If it's a diary of the actual trauma...
    and treatments...
    then sure! I'm in!!!

    But... if its a daily diary I don't think I personally would...
    I already have a paper journal and I don't think I would have the energy to copy each entry... every morning... into the computer...

    I think it's a great idea regardless though, :)
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    No such thing as a silly question YA.

    It is what you need it to be. It can be a daily diary if a user wants it to be, it is a trauma discussion, where exactly what you have/are doing in the PTSD only forum YA, it is there for the sole use of a member to get their trauma, their fears and their past out of them, and isolate the feedback from only two people, one on each side of the fence as such, with the option for private or public viewing.

    I would expect people to maintain their own diaries / journals themselves as you described, ie. a notebook of each nights occurances, days occurances, etc, which any specific points a sufferer would want to discuss, is discussed in the forums as is already. The trauma diary is more just to deal with the actual significance of the trauma/s only.

    Basically, what it is about, is trying to get more people to help themselves I guess, by writing about their trauma/s, and getting it out of their systems, to come to terms with their past. Yourself, and some others have done this exact thing in the PTSD only area, which this new area of the forum would cater exactly what you are doing, but also allow the feedback of a trauma expert if he believed he needed to just comment on a particular issue.

    Basically, Dr Roerich is a very busy man, and certainly doesn't have the time to respond to every trauma entry, but if he reads something here that is off noteworthy attention, he may raise it with the member themselves, or even with myself for further discussion with the member of the forum.

    I guess what I am searching for, is opinions on how to get more people to start helping themselves, and push past that comfortable zone to begin dareing themselves, and using known effective techniques as exposure therapy, audio dictations, journals... etc etc. Any advice from all members would be very welcome.

    If your reading this and have an idea of how you would feel comfortable in shareing your trauma, and getting it out of you, then I would like to know, so we can try and cater for everyone. I guess that is what this idea is about, in that a private or public option is available, where at present in the PTSD only area, everyone with PTSD can still read a trauma log, which means only those who are really dedicated to helping themselves now, are going too... which means others want to get better, but are continueing to suffer because we aren't catering their privacy needs... I think that is some of whats on my mind about this topic.

    I am really appreciative for as much feedback on this as possible, and nut out a great solution with members to give the best possible means of trauma writing, logging, etc as possible.

    I know I can't make anyone help themselves, but I also know that I can provide alternative means to try and cater everyone, so that maybe more will help themselves individually.
  5. YoungAndAngry

    YoungAndAngry Well-Known Member

    Sounds fine to me :)
    Count me in!

    Anyone else got thoughts on this?
  6. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    I think this is great...and I'm in. The only concern I have is if this is going to totally stretch you thin, Anthony. You already respond to practically every post and then some.....I find it remarkable that you can keep up. This forum is growing rapidly and if only you or Dr. Roerich respond...I'm just a worry wort...
  7. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    I do hear your concern Nam, but it doesn't stretch me thin just yet. I have a fair amount of time to work on here, and complete other tasks also. I do really manage my time pretty effectively. Thank you though for looking out for me, as it is good to know others do have my back here. Thank you for that Nam.

    Maybe then a good idea is not to just split it among two sections, and maybe threee, being private, public without posting permissions, and private with posting permissions for the PTSD group, ie. those who have access to the PTSD only area, thus allowing those who are within the PTSD group to continue to support those who require that direct support from as many experiencing PTSD as possible. This would then isolate trauma logs as such in one easy location, instead of having them in the PTSD group, and throughout the public chat forums.
  8. nml

    nml Active Member

    I will try it!
  9. pclaessen

    pclaessen New Member

    Sounds good Anthony. A more private place would probably be more appropriate, although sometimes it is great to hear feedback from others who may have experienced the same sort of trauma. For example, what works for them and what doesn't. I don't know where you find the time either, but a huge thank you for being here!

  10. rainbowchaser

    rainbowchaser New Member

    thanks, first off for this forum , and second trying to add additional things to help us. i would really like a place to go and write about such things. i'm still a little shy at posting. so, i think the journal thing would really be great for me - a sort of semi private positng. no offense other members, i'm usually such a chatty patty, but have trouble imposing my hardship on others for fear of making people feel bad. i don't like to make others uncomfortable .
  11. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Ok, it is good to have positive feeback and suggestions. Trauma diaries is now in motion for creation. I am already actually creating the initial content to help people before they commence... which should be done in the next week or so, fingers crossed.

    I don't really want to just release an area for it without providing some knowledge and guidance behind the aim, how to achieve best results and the overall purpose and intent by using them.
  12. Pitt Bull

    Pitt Bull Member

    I am all for the personal Journal idea even though it can be scary to enter all the odd things that can happen. Everyday I wake up not knowing what the day will bring for triggers. I make it through most days no problems but the days I don't can be real scary to me. I think I would like to post for all to see so maybe I can help others who maybe nervous about posting. I can even take the advise of others besides you and the doctor. Let me know when we can start.
  13. wildfirewildone

    wildfirewildone Well-Known Member

    Just Getting Back

    :cuckoo: I have been unable to get on the internet since Aug.17th...I had to connect with my Mac technical support....so today I was able to do that and then I was guided through a set of processes that I would dissasociate from time to time....A_A_A_U_U_U_U_U_GH!!!!!!!!....so now I'm back and able to view what's been going on during my time away....Lots of stuff going on!!!!The online journal sounds like something that I could give a go at!!!...I will have to really go over the posts that anthony has posted so far to understand the proposal...GO FOR IT!!!!!:clap: wildfirewildone

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