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Anyone here suffer the traumatic loss of a child? My 14 mo son was killed in a back over accident and he was crushed by our van. I saw it all. That was 20 years ago and I never had treatment for PTSD. Now I deal with suicidality still, nightmares, hyperarousal/anxiety, and intrusive thoughts, esp when I look at children.

I have recently been in treatment but I’m amazed at how receiving virtually no treatment has embedded patterns in my mind that are overwhelming at times. I don’t want to be alone in it anymore but I am.

Any connection would help.

Lisa Martinez


I’m so sorry for your loss!! I have not lost a child, but am unable to have children, which has greatly impacted me. I for sure cannot directly relate, but I do feel a great sadness and sense of loss in my inability to have children and am often negatively impacted by seeing mothers and children out in the world. I hope your treatment helps you find healing. PTSD can be debilitating. There is a lot of support here and we are glad to welcome you.


@LKMartinez, I am sorry that you know the pain of losing a child. 19 years ago I lost my 3 year old niece and 5 year old nephew. There's no words, really.

Welcome to the forum, there's great people here and lots of support.


I am so sorry for your loss! I am glad you have found this special place where none of us are alone with our trauma…

I am one of several here who has lost a child. My daughter was 11 when she passed in my arms. She was born with severe brain damage and was expected to only live till about 3 years old. She was a smiling fighting angel who changed me deeply for good…in spite of the pain.

The story of her birth/life/death is a long and winding road of tears, sorrow, and sometimes unbearable depression…but I have survived…and will keep fighting. She’s been gone nearly 30 years and I could easily say it took a full 10 years for me to stop blaming myself…even though it was totally out of my control. Mother-guilt is a cruel punisher…

Truly…welcome to the Forum…it’s been an enormous blessing to me for 10+ years…
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