Trouble keeping a job

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So, again I am at the point where my current employer is strongly suggest I start looking elsewhere. Same cycle different year.

So I need some suggestions.

I deal with severe depression, bad anxiety, dis regulation, disassociation , chronic fatigue, paranoia, confusion, brain fog, physical pain etc.

I need to work because I don’t qualify for disabled status.

I need a job where I show up, do the same thing day in day out on automation, have no interactions with clients and low in stress That isn’t going to destroy what’s left of my physical body.

I dont have my grade 12, my post secondary is geared towards people business and management which I can’t be consistent at. Driving is a stressor for me so I do as little as possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions for anything I can do that is going to pay just enough to support my family. Because I am the only income earner in my house.
The official diagnosis is c-ptsd major depressive disorder and anxiety with suggestions that I may be bi polar and May have fibromyalgia.

The only thing I am good at is reading. And that is a catch 22 because it being one of the very few things left in the world that brings me any form of happiness I do t want to put that in a position of losing that if I do a job that involves it and have the inevitable sense of failure associated with it. If you get it you get it lol
Not open for further replies.