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Natural Disaster Trying To Get A Grip - Tornadoes

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We just had a close town be demolished, the whole town. I am a nut job when it comes to these as it is. But so close. They are still rescuing people trapped in basements. Well, they predict storms again tonight and tornadoes likely again. I am an anxiety freak right now. Thing is in this home we rented no basement for shelter.

For me to see a huge tornado just freaks me out. And if it comes I have no shelter. The season just started and one almost a mile wide (which is ****ing huge) just ripped a town apart not far off, flattened a hospital, schools, city hall... It is gone.

I am not trying to freak but cannot help it. My therapist I realized made an appointment for me today, meaning I was her only one and she came in for me. She spent a good half hour teaching me a little basic yoga and to pull me out of an attack in her office today. It was amazing she pulled me out of the unreality. Nothing has ever ever done that but yoga training for the first time did. Our appointment was more like an hour and a half or more. Therapy was spent in the floor. It was strange but at the same time I did not want to go. Shoeless and in the floor we had our session.

I am hoping hubs does a massage like last night (he made me pass out so relaxing) and try to do the yoga she showed me to center myself. She was also kind enough to bring me a CD player since mine broke so I can listen to my meditation CDs again. I swear she is an angel. Just wish she was here tonight to walk me through this.

Sorry, guess I needed to vent. I am just scared, I do not want to be whisked away in the horrid winds. I am still trying to adjust to the different weather here.
I'm feeling that anxiety, too. We're in a tornado watch till 11 tonight and probably more of the same tomorrow, too. I am so sorry about the devastation in Greensburg. That's a town about the size of the one we live in. I used to live in Michigan and we didn't have weather like this there. I used to ignore tornado watches, but not since living here in the northern Plains. We don't get it as badly as parts further south, like where you are, but tornadoes do hit around here. Several years ago, a town just north of here was pretty torn down by one, too. Also, there was a bad one in our town some years before I moved here.

Yoga is good, but also you don't want to be in a yoga glow while there's a tornado warning going on, either. The way I cope is to try to be as prepared as possible. Since you don't have a basement, you need a backup plan. Do you know of a public building, for example, nearby that will take people who don't have basements? Or a neighbor with a basement who will take you in in case of a warning? If none of the above, is there a space in the middle of your house where you would be safe? Be sure to have some heavy comforters, or even a mattress, to put over you in case something approaches. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to make things worse, just trying to help you be prepared. Please let us know how you're doing.
Our home used to be the pastor's home. We rent it from the church and I feel like crap not going to it since it is across the road. But it will mean I have to speak to a large group who wants to meet me. But they must be understanding as my husband relayed why we moved here due to my condition and gave up our farm and it passed the group of church elders to let us rent (not the usual lease). But the church across the road does shelter people in bad weather and during the season they said the church is open so I can go there. They let my hubs know I could go there if something makes me flip out. So at least I have a half ass plan.

Out of habit I have the closet in the house full of sofa cushions but the sofa is long gone, just for tornadoes. Texas had its fair share just Kansas is notorious. They have the alarms like they had back in the day when afraid of bombs dropping. They sound them off once a month for testing for tornadoes so I should be startled to reality if it happens. They are so damn loud, I think on has to be within my block. My daughter covers her ears and it sends panic straight through me.

I like the term yoga glow. Sorry if I am about to ramble... Nerves. In therapy today I learned about yoga. I was clueless but at the same time knew it was very complicated and read a lot. Meditation I am out of practice big time. I have the player and I should try to. I used to be able to hit a phase that the kids yelling and dogs barking all left, I heard nothing at all and it would shock me enough to bring me back. Thing was I did not know that is what people were meditating for! Therapist said it was like leaving your body but no idea where you went. You just check out. She said a common new term was "bliss out" but she did not like to use such a slang term for something so spiritual. Yoga glow is much nicer I think. She said what I described during it as my mind fought it was "monkey mind". I also learned all positions are not needed. One messed me up and I almost hit flashback. She said that yoga is better than therapy. Gee coming from my therapist! She does this for women like her and now I really believe it. Sorry to ramble, just hearing sirens, and the wind is blowing so hard! I learned that here is more windy than the windy city! Thunder rolls and rolls and rolls... I have never heard it like that but you hear it coming and going for so long. OK, I will try to settle!
Oh, veiled, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. But, yikes, if you heard sirens, I hope you and yours have run across the street!

Please keep us posted. I'll be online for awhile yet.

I came up with the term "yoga glow" shortly after I began the practice, because that's how it made, and still makes, me feel, like I'm in a glow, a glow that I feel comes from something larger than myself that I tap into when I practice. I'm glad you like it, too.

But, take care, and do let us know what's going on.

Right now my teen son went to a party after a school dance. I am worried as we are in small towns and he is not in mine. But his gramps is the principle and where he is is at the ADA's house. He will be safest. No sirens and just a lot of wind right now. But they say it can go on all night and the storms will go until Wednesday. Tomorrow no tornadoes predicted but large hail. I cannot relax or rest knowing what might come. Maybes suck for us.

Thank you for understanding how scary and being sympathetic to the fear of the storms. I was worried earlier as hubs was out with the little one to drive my son to the dance. And they took 2 hours to get home with no call. He and she are now snoring totally unaware of the weather. Me, I feel like I am on watch. It is nice having support here and there here again thank you, I am used to trying to talk others down from where I am and feel I should know how to do this on my own, but acts of God get the best of me sometimes.

It is sucky as the wind rips and then it gets creepy quiet calm for a few seconds, it is like I turn into a knot waiting until the wind picks up and simply blows. Guess the calms mess me up. Why in the world did I OK a house here with no shelter?? grrr...

What state are you in if you do not mind me asking?
Hey, Veiled,

I am in southwest Minnesota. The winds are really powerful here, too, and they have been all day. So far, we haven't gotten anything but rain and lots of wind. I know what you mean about when the wind dies down all of a sudden; that makes me freak out, too. Part of what I'm learning about living in this part of the world. Ick.

Now I just heard some thunder. Oh, now I long for the days when I lived in Michigan and that sound was just a nice sound with no potential danger attached. At least we don't have any watches here anymore, I don't think.

Stay safe, veiled,

I hope you're doing okay, veiled. I'm running out of steam and have to get to bed. I have to work tomorrow, so I hope there won't be any wicked weather to keep me up tonight or interrupt my work tomorrow. Please take care and let us know how you're doing. I'll try to check in sometime tomorrow.

Thanks, you get your rest! I will be OK, being a skittish cat is normal here and there around here. I will be OK and know where my pillows are. You be safe too. Again, thank you.
How are you doing today? Hope the night went okay for you. We just had some rumblings. Now I guess we've got to gear up for round 3.

I had to take another cymbalta today, and I can't concentrate. I feel dizzy and unreal. I hate this. I can't wait to be off this.
Veiled I'm so glad you started this thread. I hope you continue to let us all know in it, how you're doing. I have difficulty sometimes telling one day from the next, but I think it was yest. that I first heard about the tornado in Greensburg, Kansas. I've been thinking about you eversince. I want you to know we're thinking of you through all this. I'm glad you have your husb. and therapist. I'm glad to hear you have couch cushions in your closet and a church basement across the street. I'm glad you have you, us, have learned what you have, and know some of what you can do to get through all the horrible anxieties of all this and the weather. Personally, I'm worried, but that's just me a worrier. Also, a warrior, probably much like you. Trusting you'll keep us posted which will both help ease your fears and anxieties and ours. Please, do stay in touch too, as we're thinking of you. Personally, I don't know how people live anywhere's near the real threat of and realities of tornado's. I'm a chicken. Please, veiled, again stay in touch with all of us on this thread, and please forgive me for my mentality. As the realities of natural disasters and their threats, still get the best of me. And, more then sometimes I might add. I don't know if I'm any longer saying what I really mean.

In all of this all that I mean is veiled please do take care, do whatever you need to do to stay calmed some and safe and stay in touch with us.

(((many, many hugs to you veiled, and your family)))


I can so much understand how you feel. I too live in what's called toronado alley. We have been having alot of watches but no warnings yet. It is sunny today but it was sunny a few years back when Carl Junction and 96 Hwy. & D Hwy were torn to oblivion. All the houses demolished by the toronado, cows everywhere. My son was 5 and he still freaks out when it gets cloudy. It was so close to us that houses just one mile from us where completely destroyed. Anyway, I said all that to say, I understand your feelings. Stay safe and hope it all passes soon and you are able to feel comfort and peace. Peace, comfort, and joy be to you and yours.

Hugs, Marilyn
I am fine still, physically any way lol! It is actually pleasant outside and breezy today. The storms seem to be all around me on the radar but not hitting though they still have it forecast to arrive with hail. The storms back home always just passed through with the tornadoes and out here I am learning more about the weather as I was trying to figure out why it seemingly just "parks" and stays for a few days here. Storms predicted until Wed. But tonight should be the last of the high winds and nasty storms. May and June are supposed to be the highest activity months so hope I can try to calm and relax through the ride. I cannot even get my mind around such a whopper getting people. I feel horrible for the who had it land on them.

I looked at pictures (should NOT have...) and a basement looked pointless. Homes were moved off their foundation exposing the basement as just big holes full of debris and others the homes are caved into them. There was no hiding from that one. I am really shocked more people did not not die, but they are still digging.

Just Praying June is not too rough as June and July is normally when I have my yearly break down and lose symptom control. I want to be at a state of blissful inner peace to try to ride it out this year with out another break down.

Thanks for the concern and support guys. I am OK just frazzled, just take one day at a time right now.
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