Sufferer Trying to get better - Childhood trauma & domestic violence. 25yo w/ 5yo & need someone to relate to.

My name is Destiny, I’m 25 with an almost 5 year old boy. I have PTSD from abuse mainly stemming from my mother.. I’ve never been on a site like this but nobody around me relates to me. I was physically and verbally abused by my mother from ages 13-19. I then was abused by boyfriends/husbands from ages 19-23. I feel as if I’m struggling with it more than I realize. I don’t even know where to begin to explain it all. Somebody help me out to figure out how to use this sight. I need someone to relate to. It eats up my thoughts and behaviors and I just want relief
Hi @DestinyLeigh122 👋 welcome to the site.
Thank you!! 💜

Hello Destiny. It's sad we should meet for these reasons, but I'm glad to meet you anyway. My advice is to poke around the forums until you see how it is. Just jump in any place you want to talk. No one will bite.
I’m glad to meet you too!! And sounds good to me. Thank you so much!!