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Trying To Stay Awake

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I am sitting here at midnight, again, because I am scared to go to sleep. I am waking up in panic attacks. Feeling like I am choking and having trouble breathing. Everything is falling apart. I am behind in my classes. I don't know if I will be able to catch up.
I am alone. I have such a good strong act. I just keep going. I would like to be able to sleep without fear. I am lonely. It hurts when I cry.
Have you spoke to a doctor about this? If not maybe it would be a wise choice to do so.

I hate to recommend this but maybe you could take an over the counter sleep aid for a couple of nights until you get caught up on your sleep.

If you continue to go without sleep your stress level will only get worse and weaken you immune system.


I, too, have problems getting to sleep because I'm terrified of having a panic attack in the middle of the night. I've had them numerous times and I know how deathly they can feel.

My doctor prescribed me Xanax to take at night time to help with this, maybe your doctor will work with you to find something that will keep the panic at a minimum during the night.

I am with you and feel your pain. Locks are being checked and you are looking out of windows all the time. Every minimal noise sounds like a bomb and you are contantly playing out every scenerio in your mind. I am not at a stage where it has gotten better but I can certainly identify with you. I paint or play video games to help me unwind and to distract me. I hope you get rest!
Hope to Sleep

I can certainly Identify with you! Your nights are consumed with fear. you check every door/window several thimes. You replay in your head all of the things that could go wrong in that one night. Every silent noise is like hearing a bomb and your constantly getting up to check it out.

I have had been on every medication for sleep and the only one that helps is Seroquel. You can't take it evry night and no longer the a couple months. However it should give you some relief.

Take care,
I avoid sleep with a passion. I have extreme nightmares reliving the attacks I suffered. Why would I want to go there? I've gone weeks with no more than two hours a night.

The result is increased anxiety, forgetfulness, confused thinking.

So the cycle begins.

A few solutions - Get a comfort box. Inside this box are things that make you feel safe or good and will help ground you. Mine has a bottle of water, cinnamin crunch cereal, two feather boas, small soft gundt stuffed animal, sea shells and small smooth rocks, scented candles, a coloring book, easy crossword puzzle book, pine cones,
YOU get the idea. It's distracting, regains my focus off my terror.

Another trick, right next to your head on the wall or head board put up some important snapshots that will replace the intrusive thoughts. I hang up pictures of my daughter, my favorite pet, a peaceful place I love - Again, you get the idea.

Another trick, rearrange your bedroom and change the environment. I found if I can be in the far corner from the door with my back against the wall I feel the safest. I also keep a light on all night so if I wake in sheer terror I can see where I am right away and then I look at the comforting pictures until I am breathing normally and my heart rate is down.

I take trazadone off and on. I am suppose to take it every night but I don't like the morning sluggishness. However, when I do take a small dose it reduces my anxiety about sleeping. A large dose gives me a drool sleep and no memory of the night. I have recently gone through a bad time and was even taking it during the day to stop my hypervigilence that was on full alert due to a work situation.

No sleep is a bad cycle. I have been in this game for 10 years. Seek advice from a physician or mental health professional before it begins to affect your health ... high blood pressure, head aches, etc....
Thank you so much for your concern. All of you! Knowing that I am not the only one (not that I would wish this on my worst enemy) helps so much. I spoke with my therapist and she is going to talk with the psychiatrist about changing my meds. I've been noticing that the celexa is making me more obsessive about the bad thoughts.
I also talked to her about classes. She said I should stop trying to be perfect. And that I am taking too much on. I know this, but, I obsess about that so I won't have time to obsess about the past. lol
Great ideas here! I'll have to try these myself, especially rearranging the room around, or maybe a complete do over.

I try to avoid sleep too, or when I want to sleep- can't. Have awfuly bad nightmares and have really not slept at all lately out of fear. I usually wake up from them, however recently have not been able to do that for some unknown reason?? It's a horrible feeling. But there's a limit to how many sleepless nights can be tolerated and completely lost it yesterday at work, got home and passed out for x amount of hours.

It helps me a little sometimes to get into a comfortable spot, with no distractions, or maybe some music. It's not sleeping but at least I'm trying to give my brain/body some time to try to relax, wind down a bit. Awesome thought about having some pictures around to cross out those intrusive thoughts!

Good luck
It took me a couple of years after starting my meds to discover the perfect way to take them, survive the side affects and get all the sleep I need.

I take my meds every night about a hour before I go to bed. I literally sleep through the sluggish feelings and the side affects of the drugs actually help me sleeep.

I don't need to ask doc for more drugs. I just use the negative aspects of my meds to put me to sleep.

As long as you keep the LEVEL of your meds the same, it makes no difference what time of day you take them.

I hope this can help you. It changed the quality of my life. By taking them at night I am able to function, sleep and have a life. Before, taking them after my breakfast caused me to be sluggish and basically non function. Not any more.

Of course, check with your doc before trying this but I'm telling you it has solved my major medication side affect problems.

Hope this helps
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