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Two truths and a lie

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I don't like having to do this game as an in-person icebreaker, but online I think it will be a fun way to get to know each other. We could share things about ourselves that we don't usually get an opportunity to talk about

So the rules are:
Share three facts about yourself. Two are true and one is a lie
People vote for which fact is actually a lie by using the react options
Reveal which fact is a lie using the spoiler function or by replying to your post later :)
For the lie, sometimes people say something that is completely false and sometimes people say something that is mostly true, but with one detail wrong (that way even though it was the lie, you're still sharing something about yourself)

Okay so, my facts are:
Summer is my favorite season (vote that this is the lie using the love reaction)
I've kept a journal since I knew how to write. I have a giant stack of full notebooks next to my bed that goes up to about my knees (vote that this is the lie by using the haha reaction)
I've been to a ton of US states, but I've never left the country before (vote that this is the lie by using the wow reaction)

I can't figure out how to use the spoiler function, so I guess I will be replying later lol
You're right @Dergrosse, I am not a big fan of summer. Way too hot right now! I'm ready for things to cool down. I have kept a journal for as long as I can remember, although I'm not sure if what a six-year-old could write in a notebook would count as a journal lol. Mostly it was just pictures and lists of words that I knew. Thank you @Dergrosse and @Charbella for playing :) Feel free to reply with your own, if you want to
(😍) I've been in the newspaper
(🤣) I've been close to the Gateway Arch twice but have never seen it.
(😲) I've been in the back of a cop car

Obviously that isn't true, but was worth a shot.

I happened to be in a picture that was published in a newspaper, nothing too exciting.

Seeing the Gateway Arch was always a dream of mine. On 2 seperate occasions I rode past it. It so happens, that for the first 2 times in my life I fell asleep in a vehicle and to this day have never seen it. I may go back and pack some energy drinks to keep my eyes open.

I've never been in the back of a cop car. I've had plenty of interactions with cops, but never ended up in the back of the car.
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