Unconscious Vocal flashbacks


New Here
I haven't been able to find information about what I've been experiencing and I wonder if anyone else has experienced it.

I have complex PTSD and one of my traumas is from verbal sexual harassment. When I'm stressed I say the ugly things he said to me, but I'm unaware that it's happening until it's over. People around me think that I'm expressing real-time thoughts and it causes terrible misunderstandings.

Any insights would be helpful. Thanks


My dad's new wife won't talk to me because during some spiraling flashbacks and dissociating I mouthed off to her. You're not alone. She's convinced I hate her because of the things I said. I admitted it's my responsibility what came out of my mouth. But I was in the process of serious hormone therapy as I lost my period for nearly two years. Wish I had more to say besides you're not alone. Following thread.