Natural Disaster Under seige by fire here

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We may have to evacuate with the next day or two. It's smoky and scary here. If anyone feels inclined to pray or send a kind thought for my community, my state, my town and my families safety, that would be HUGELY appreciated.

Our state is burning up.

There haven't been too many casualties yet, only two confirmed dead, seven missing and 100 homes lost already and no end in sight to the extreme weather conditions and the many, many out of control fires, that are huge and burning up much of our forests.
Our surrounding hills people have already been evacuated. and all, but one of my children's homes and us and ours are way to close to the fires for comfort. Our kid's school has shut down.

One school has been lost to fire south of here, as there are very many out of control fires, here in nsw and the state to the north of us, Queensland.


We've got fires all around as well. I have to keep checking the website when the smell of smoke becomes close, rather than just the smoke haze.

We had a scrub fire a few blocks away today, and 2 in the reserve yesterday alone. Hopefully there won't be any point over the summer where me and my sister have to evacuate, but we're already feeling the impact with some services shut down, businesses not opening, people not making it to their training sessions.m

Stay safe. Have a plan. Go if they tell you. There hasn't been a single community so far that has been unable to find shelter, food and water for the people who have had tp evacuate suddenly. Even the retirement villages at Noosa they sent in buses to get everyone out safely and early.

So, scary, but you'll be okay. Just have your evacuation plan ready, keep your phone on and charged, and stay up to date with where the alerts are each day, yeah?

Never been a natural disaster yet that's brung us Aussies unstuck.


This is going to sound stupid... but?

Drink water. Lots. Putting on 5kg of water weight / water fat, ideally.

IDFK why, but even desert born and raised firefighters go down with dehydration and heat stroke during wildfires. Best guess is that it’s the low level constancy of it? The smoke haze alone dries us out, because that’s just what smoke does, turns meat to jerky... and the few degrees of temp difference goes largely unnoticed without the sun sourcing it.

Low level dehydration spikes anxiety and makes thinking foggy... so it’s easy to miss as just a middling bad PTSD :wtf: thing going on.

And if the winds shift or you have to evacuate? The 5kg water in you will keep you going for about a day of lots of exercise/high heat, even if your water supplies are low whilst things are busy.

It’s a little thing, I know, and probably sounds stupid, especially if you’re desert born and drink a liter an hour & always pee clear, anyway... but it’s one of the best things you can do when things start getting smokey; treat it like a heat wave, regardless of the temp outside :)
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