Undiagnosed Undiagnosed, but currently enduring many possible PTSD symptoms


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Made two whole posts before I realized there was an Introductions category lol, very observant of me

Hi all, I go by L or Shy on these forums, he/him pronouns. I'm 22 and recently graduated college.

I am diagnosed with depression, generalized anxiety, OCD, and ADHD. Currently I am not diagnosed with any form of PTSD, however I believe I may have it due to possible flashbacks boiling up. Said flashbacks involving me being sexually harmed as a child. At first I was so determined I was either lying to myself or faking it, but as I've had time to think about it, a lot of things from my childhood would make sense. I was hypersexual from when I was a very young child all the way into adulthood. And I had consistent derealization episodes in grade school as well. My teacher sent my parents a note I was 'day-dreaming' in class on a report card and I asked my friend if everything felt fake/dreamlike at one point (she got very offended thinking I implied she wasn't real haha). Not to mention the pain and fear I experience with these memories is very real. So I believe there may be some validity to these flashbacks given these factors.

These memories only started coming up December of 2020 and my life has been a wreck ever since. Dissociation, derealization, random panic attacks, the works (plus it didn't help I was in the final semester of college and was freaking out). I've been having these episodes repeatedly throughout the last 6-7 months and will be seeing a therapist soon to help process them. I found this forum when looking into hypersexuality related to trauma and it's made me feel comforted to see people who understand and can relate to all the confusion I've been going through. I'll most likely lurk most of the time, but I look forward to learning more about PTSD, how others handle it, and how it works!


Welcome! Glad you let us know you are here and wanting to learn. This is a wide variety of subjects and we even have fun here on the Social threads!!

Glad you found us and hope you get the support you need.