Undiagnosed Undiagnosed, yet my PTSD has been obvious to everyone but me. I thought it was just stress and bad luck, i told myself.

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Hello, I'm realising how messed up I am, when I can tell strangers about experiences I've had and they ask me to stop as I see tears in their eyes or made people outburst in anger on my behalf. Its taken about 5 hours to write this. I deleted the essay as I'm having a hard time right now. I'm a mess.
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Have you considered reaching out to a therapist, perhaps one who specialises in trauma? It might be someone who can help you work through your experiences, and they'll be better equipped to hear you and respond in a helpful way.
Yes, I'm in the very early stages of getting help. Although I'm told the waiting list is very long which doesn't surprise me.
Hello and welcome to the forum! Sucks that you had an experience or experiences that brought you here but look forward to chatting and hope you find support here. If you have a lot to say about your trauma, then I HIGHLY recommend the trauma diaries section because it can be very helpful to say everything and write it out in the forum. It’s not private, since other people can see it, but it can be really helpful and people won’t judge you for stuff!
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