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User Registration System Changed

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Due to increasing issues relying upon email to verify users, I have instead opted to put all new registrations into moderation instead. What that means, is that every 24 hours I view new signups and manually approve / delete them as I feel appropriate.

What people forget, is that I see where you are, IP's, trace routes, every little piece of information on you, which I will generally catch most suspected spammers before they get a chance to spam.

What generally happens is any users that all check out, will get accepted, any in doubt will go into a moderation group, which means their initial posts will disappear when posted, until a moderator views and approves them. Once the user is verified as legitimate, and not merely a spammer, their username will move out of the moderation group into the registered members for full access to the forum.

I apologize to legitimate persons who want support in regard to PTSD, but the facts with the Internet are, spammers want to be noticed, they want places to dump all their rubbish links to websites, etc etc. Any site that allows public access, they spam. So it is my job to oppose these nuisances upon the WWW, and make it a little harder to achieve here.
Anthony, I don't know if you are already using an email verifier but I've put a couple here. They are handy for catching spammers who use an invalid email.

free software download: http://www.glocksoft.com/amlv/

an online site where you enter an address to be checked: http://www.mailtester.com/

Not open for further replies.