Using medical marijuana

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I'm about to get my medical marijuana card. Once I do, I can head over to a dispensary and talk to a dispensary pharmacist about how best to treat my PTSD with cannabis.

Has anyone used cannabis to treat your PTSD? Did any particular strain work best for you? In what form did you consume it? How often did you take it, or was it just as needed?

I am really in the dark about how this works. I use pot recreationally every few months, but using it medicinally is completely new to me. I don't have any idea what to expect.


I have used MMJ for the last couple of years and it can be confusing. There are three types:
  • Sativa (more for energy)
  • Hybrid (can have properties of both Sativa and Indica)
  • Indica (relaxation, anxiety, sleep, pain)
I always went with Indica because I was looking to use marijuana to calm my system down.

Strains are mostly bread for THC content, that is what sells in the dispensaries. You can get up to 30% in some strains but I prefer a balance of THC to CBD in my weed. CBD weed isn't a hot seller for these guys and it's harder to grow so it's more difficult to find regularly.

I would usually buy a decent Indica with only THC content and then add CBD crystal (looks like salt and should smell like cherries) to my bowl. I smoked from a pipe or water bong. I prefer the bong because it will filter the smoke to some extent and will cool the smoke down too. Anyway, sometimes you can find weed that has a nice balance, 50% THC to 50% CBD or something like that. That is my preference, the CBD acts on the THC to combat the psychoactive properties of the THC.

If you consume by smoking it will last maybe two hours.

If you consume through an edible the effects will last for like six hours. The edibles will not retain the effects of the strain used. THC is converted into something else in the liver and will be far more potent than smoking. You need to be really careful with edibles in my experience. Then can send you into a deep dark place to contemplate and analyze everything in your life. It can be really heavy but IMO that too has some benefit.


I'm glad I could help a little, I know how confusing it can be when starting out.

I'd hate to see your asthma affected by smoking though I have found vaping to be better than smoking the actual plant because you are only smoking the medicine leaving the plant matter behind.

Edibles are great and last a long time. I think a strong tincture would be good. Placing drops under the tongue act faster than a cookie or brownie. those can take up to an hour and a half to fully take effect. Tinctures can work fairly fast. I used to use a 1 to 1 ratio on those too.

I sure hope you find something that works well for you SRG.


I'd hate to see your asthma affected by smoking

So, when it comes to your lungs specifically, the bulk of damage from smoking comes from inhaling the end-product of combustion (burning stuff). Smoking anything (ciggies filled with carcinogens or naturally grown hash from a medical dispensary) all does the similar big time damage to all the little brachial good fellas that keep your lungs healthy.

For the sake of your lungs, perhaps steer towards non-smoking versions if you can, particularly if your lungs are already compromised by asthma;)

ETA No judgment coming from me though. I’m officially 3 years trying to quit smoking!
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because of my asthma
Yep. I got a few stellar lung infections -and accompanying bouts of acute respiratory failure and brief-ish ICU stays- from contaminated liquid or pens. My lungs are f*cked up enough already, thanks! Noooo more vaping anything for me.
The edibles will not retain the effects of the strain used.
Not exactly.

Most edibles are made with a mixture of crystals keefed from every variety the seller has, from multiple crops ... hence a rather uniform-ish dilute base to start out with; complicated by the high heat necessary for candy making / molten sugar aerosolizes a lot of the more volatile chemicals, meanwhile what’s left will react very differently depending on the types lipids & proteins used. Some things are rendered virtually inert, whilst others are accentuated... which even more homogenizes candy & oil batches.

If you only keef a single variety, from a single crop, keep your temperatures low (and swift) to retain the volatile compounds, and mind what fats you’re using for bonding? You can end up with results indistinguishable from smoking or vaporizing, except the effects come on more gradually, and last longer.

It’s a very boutique/high end market for that type, though.

shatter eyes

Using oil and vape helps. I am still learning how and when and what to use for what symptoms. It does help with pain so that lowers the stress cup too.

I have flowers that are 1 to 2% thc and 14 to 18 cbd. sadly it is not always available. My preference is called treasure island but its out of stock.

Pinapple express for daytime plus sativa cbd oil.

Night is indica cbd and thc oil plus G13 flower mixed with cannatonic.

Most local shops that i visited did not have any high cbd products


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I've had my Medical Marijuana card for the last couple of years...

I've found that "Blue Dream" works pretty well. It's a Sativa... and was listed all over the place online as good for PTSD... It helps... But I vape it..

It's funny that @shatter eyes mentioned Pineapple Express... That one is listed as good for PTSD too, but I absolutely hated it...

For sleep, I've been using Grandaddy Purple... It's an indica... I've only used it a few times... The first night I tried it, I slept 8 hours - for the first time in years... I normally get 5 hours sleep or so...

The problem I found with pens, and edibles is, it's hard to get exactly what you want...

But you can actually buy whatever kind of stuff you like, and make your own edibles... it's actually not that hard to do... You just have to figure out what works for you...


@somerandomguy I am curious to know how using medical marijuana is working for you?

By the way, Dr. Sue Sisley's PTSD Medical Marijuana Research is complete and the results are expected to be revealed this summer. I am so anxious to discover what we have learned from the research, but I don't know where it will be released... If you hear anything about it please let me know.

My hope is that it becomes a helpful treatment.


shatter eyes

Yea how is it working for u?

I cutback on vaping because my throat was getting irritated. I began having yellow goobie goo spit
I have been using edibles, in the form of capsules. 5mg mj I believe. It's been going very well. I take one when I'm symptomatic, and I feel normal again. The oy drawback is that coming down often makes me grouchy. Also I'm pretty sure the actual amount of mj in each capsule is variable - sometimes I take one and feel high as a kite, sometimes I just get a buzz. That also might be me and whatever else I'm doing at the time, though.

shatter eyes

Yup happen here also... the consistency varies and i been jupiter space high from the same dose.

Taking edibles on empty stomach can do this too. Glad u found something that works.
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