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Vasovagal response & triggering with bad period pain (faint/flop trauma response activated)

Discussion in 'Medical' started by Snowglobe, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Snowglobe

    Snowglobe New Member

    Does anyone else get either triggered during their periods or have a vagal response to bad period pains? I am triggered by my past trauma pains when I get bad period pains and my heart rate and blood pressure drops so much so I've ended up in ED on a drip and wrapped in a heated blanket treated for shock a few times. I am in a pain cycle where I get two good weeks out of a month. The build up to the pain leaves me cold shocky shaky and dissociative. I have bad dreams and phantom and real pains. I sometimes am numb over my face and can barely speak. I would like to know if anyone can relate to this and what helps them. I literally can't work as I'm out of action up to 2 weeks a month. Some of it is a psychological response some is medical. I've had all the tests done to be told it's just 'one of those unfortunate things'. There is nothing medically wrong that can be fixed only treated if it happens. Last time I was in ED a nurse said it seems I have a flop response to stress and pain when most people they see in ED in pain their heart rates increase. I work with a therapist who told me about the flop response so I already knew that but to hear it from a medical nurse made it seem more real somehow because the literal evidence was there on the monitors. Therapy has brought my awareness of this forward when previously I had always thought I was going to sleep when in intense period pains but turned out I was going unconscious with a flop response. The first time anyone saw me in this state I was rushed in an ambulance to ED. All the years I had privately suffered unaware of what was happening because I dissociatied from the pain and collapsed. Please share your stories of this and how you manage. Thanks
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  3. Congruency

    Congruency Tumultuous Uprising Premium Member Donated

    I have flop responses to certain medications. When it states they increase heart rate, for example, my lowers.

    I used to have something similar to what you're talking about with period pains. A nurse at college told me to dress warm even on hot days and drink sugar water. I always ended up fainting or collapsing and then was in her office getting my sugar water. She used Karo Syrup. It worked for me.

    I've got tons of allergies with odd responses as well.
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