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Vent - Nagging Irritability Resulting From Too Much Noise - Ouch!

Discussion in 'General' started by goingonhope, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    Hoping venting will help ease my nagging irritability which caused so much confusion in my head this morning. It’s not realistic for me to up and go on vacation, though I now feel the immed. need to do so right away. 10 to no more than 15ft. away from our house they’re presently doing much work. Putting in water pipes or something beneath pavement where there is all ledge. The same ledge that runs beneath our house. As I type, they’re repeatedly banging and chipping away at the ledge. The sound is too much in the house and causing me to feel nervous and shaky. Just got home 30 min. ago, having practically run out of the house, to come clear of this so annoying, constant noise.

    Had come darn close to causing major auto. accident. Had been frustrated, in a state of confusion and rushing to get somewhere fast as I was late. Had driven up a steep hill in my attempt to go around, to the left of, car w/ sml uhaul that was backing into driveway, noticed he/she couldn’t see me and put car into reverse down the hill. Decided I’d be patient and wait. Did so, then I knew I’d have to step hard on the gas to climb hill….so I did so and instead sped into reverse further down hill…only there was a taxi behind me…feel terrible as I must have scared the shit out of driver…by some miracle, he was not directly behind me rather enough to the right that I ended up completely alongside him…our sides only inches away.

    Well anyhow, I knew that this work was planned, but apparently had minimized it, assuring myself I’d handle it all, including the blasting just fine. Now I’m not so sure. I was in a total state of confusion this morning, what will the noise, my reactions to it, being half awake and all of our needs. Been home just a short time and no exagg. my head is f’n hurting. Up to app. 2wks. of this crap planned, and then there is ext. family and all wanting to discuss the possibilities of this work on the abutting properly causing signif. damage to our new house. Not even willing to entertain this as it’s all too, too much.

    Daughter is now at playmate’s house, son is now out with Dad, and I’m home alone. Would all be great if the noise would end and I could regain some calmness. Quite shaky and concerned it’s all going to build and then I explode. Much of my anger results from frustration and we’all know that life on life’s terms doesn’t adjust itself to our needs. That we rather learn to cope and adjust to life on life’s terms. Well life on life’s terms bites right now, bc I feel like I need something to calm myself down and this is the best it gets, Venting that is. I do have this to be grateful for. Very much appreciative. That noise though is from the work next door is still so much of a pain in my butt right now, I’d like anything right now, but to be stranded at home without a car. Will be venting much this week as the banging is not going to end, until it ends.

    Before I could post an unexpected visitor showed up and I’ve just now spent the last 2 hrs. socializing when I would have rather not. Did so nonetheless as don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Prime, available time gone…..so much to do……..so little time. Husb. and son is now home…Noise next door stopped thank heavens. Day is not what I was looking forward to, as I had hoped to accomplish much…..instead accomplished little to nothing. Feeling the insecurity creep in threatening to attempt to control my mind for the remainder of this day. Need to stop complaining now and get busy. Have much to be grateful for and will do my best with what remains of the day. The most important thing right now is that noise has stopped and I may be tense but I'm far less nervous and shaky.
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  3. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member


    I know how you feel when there's just too much noise and my sense are so overloaded that I just have to get away.

    I was at my MIL's house once and there were too many people in her livingroom, about four conversations going at once, too hot and I just had to get out. I felt like I was coming out of my skin. So I went and sat on her back porch and read a book. She then bitches to my husband about how I'm being anti-social. *sigh* Family... :wall: Same thing happened at Thanksgiving at my SIL's house. Too many people, too much noise and I'm done for. Funny...this time no one bitched when I left the room. Since I'm now referred to as 'the one with the emotional problems', I'm finally catching a break after 20 years in this family. I guess if there's a silver lining to PTSD, that's it! LMAO :rofl:
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  4. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    Marlene, darn good thing they didn't bitch...only adds to the grief and confusion. Guess we both have this difficulty, ie. sensory overload. You leaving the room and sitting elsewhere, reading, I use to do something like this all the time while visiting family, I'd go join the kids and entertain them. Kids were much more enjoyable, calmer, quieter, and saner than the adults. Now I just don't have anything to do with that family. And nearly anyone would understand this. But even now at social gatherings, I generally always have to step back and observe, can't really take being part of the mix, too much talk, noise or confusion for too long. I just have to get away too, and I do. And if others don't like this, it's sorta' too bad, I'm actually doing all of us a favor taking care of myself in these noisy situations, bc I'd likely melt down in overload and frustration right before there eyes, if I wasn't allowed to take care of myself.
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