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I hope this section is the right one for this question.

My question concerns how to lessen or absorb the vibrations coming from a downstairs neighbor.
The sound doesn´t bother me so much, as I can put on headphones.

My bed however is directly above the room of this other guy who likes to play music and the vibrations percolate.
He plays it during normal hours and not at an excessive volume. But I´m an early sleeper.

I have adressed the issue by sleeping on two sleeping pads that I put on top of my bed, but it´s a bit awkward.
Does anyone know of foam or some type of mat that could catch the vibrations instead of sleeping pads?



I would just buy a roll or three of Durason (3.5mm) or Duracoustic (8mm)

It’s typically installed under floors, especially hardwood floors, but you could buy a roll of it and use it like wall to wall carpet... ideally under any carpet you have ;) (which is super easy to remove & replace, as opposed to the floor itself)... and then either line the walls with acoustic panels -which look a LOT better than durason, but are also more expensive- or “wallpaper” my walls first with the floor underlayment, and then use actual wallpaper on top of the durason so it’s not looking like I’m living inside of a radial tire. Or, if money is no object, first the underlayment on the walls, and THEN acoustic tiles.

You can also make panels to “fit” over plaster, brick, historically significant, owner beloved walls, if you can work with wood at all. Essentially? You reframe the room, then use Sheetrock/drywall on one side, and durason/Duracoustic stapled to the other. You lose a few inches of living space that way, but don’t run the risk of pissing off a landlord. I stayed in a place that had the most HIDEOUS wallpaper, that the landlord was in love with, on top of walls that were paper thin. So I built my own walls inside the room. The first inspection, the owner FREAKED out, I just “Lalalalaaaa, it’s fine. Look.” and pulled one of the panels down. There were their beloved walls -and the conversation next door, crystal clear- up went my wall again & silence. <<< That’s absolutely the most time & money intensive option, it’s easier to just staple the roll up, or even strip the walls down to the studs. But as I didn’t own the property, it’s also the least invasive.

Some easier faster fixes than installing actual soundproofing (floor underlayment & acoustic tiles) include things like making sure your bed is NOT pushed up against the wall, lining the problem walls with books (books are dense & mass absorbs sound waves / vibrations), making sure any stereo equipment is in another room so you’re not creating a phonograph out of a room with big ole dishes relaying vibrations, placing dense foam under the feet of your bed & thick carpets on the floor, etc.

Note: Durason / Duracoustic is the brand most readily available/used in the states to high end / luxury builders & music studios ... Outside of the US I typically just ring up music studios and ask who did their soundproofing and if they recommend them. Then ring up those people and ask what products they use.
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