Video games and other relaxing activities


My first game ever - was Zork, the text adventure.

Now it's not relaxing but blasting a zombie horde in Left4Dead 2 works for me. (Especially with the modified pig with unlimited ammo)

Or Crazy Machines 2. I wish there were more logic puzzle games for PC. Stuff like The 7th Guest if anybody else is old enough to remember that....

On the phone? Tank batttle (the old one where two tanks are on the opposite side of the hill and you can set elevation and power )


Kittens game on my phone
Also Parking Jam 3D, & dream blast. Both suitably mindless for enabling concentration on tv

I used to play the Sims loads on pc, also liked other simulation / strategy games like Civilisation, theme hospital, the settlers, Tropico etc


I tend to play Don’t Starve, & The Fallout Vault game, & Plague Inc. mobile…. via PC/Console I’ve been <crickets> For years. Largely because for a few years everything was MMO. Not my Schtick. I like campaign. I like single player. Not keen on active/online.

Aside from video games (which I do Love, but I live with a Gamerl! (So I’m well aware of my limitations) I’m far more physical; snowboarding, surfing, horses, sailing, swimming, building shit, breaking shit, shooting shit, a game of pool. Driving, dancing, reading,relaxing in the sun. Prepping for when it ain’t sunny.


My first game ever - was Zork, the text adventure
"Want some rye? Course ya do!" My game got stuck there all the time. We still say that when we're frustrated. I'm a big Fallout fan. I also love the Harvest Moon series, even though I'm a small farmer in real life. It's so much easier to farm on a video game. I like word games on the phone, woodoku, and those stupid games like Lily's Garden.


I disappear into Genshin Impact on my phone when I want to get away from reality. Sometimes I just go fishing, sometimes I go and carve up some monsters!