Video games and other relaxing activities


"Want some rye? Course ya do!" My game got stuck there all the time. We still say that when we're frustrated. I'm a big Fallout fan. I also love the Harvest Moon series, even though I'm a small farmer in real life. It's so much easier to farm on a video game. I like word games on the phone, woodoku, and those stupid games like Lily's Garden.
Yeah - the first Adventures of Link? 8/10ths of the wy through and my wife kisses me goodnight and static zaps it. Saved games? gone.......

...and we think games are frustrating now...and you don't ever walk into the dark and get eaten by a grue.....

Favorite old games Loderunner, Lemmings, Crazy Machines, and the Olympic Games in the Commodore 64.
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I played pokemon go a lot today.

The event itself was lame but the bonus that came with was great. I could use lure 3 hours instead 1

Also now I don't have internet yet in my new home I realize how easier is to use my computer instead my phone for internet


Sorry I can't keep in mind whats ok or not to put attached so no attached files anymore in the forum for me