Sufferer Violent Exposure - Firearm Suicide



I have been struggling for over a year on my own. A man came into a bar that my friends worked at, just a few minutes after I arrived. About 10 minutes later he stood up drew his pistol and ended his life. I can't even talk about it. I get so tired and it has wrecked my life.


Very glad you reached out. You have been carrying pictures, sounds and feelings for a long time. Something like this is going to change your life forever.

I hope there is a way to find a therapist to help you work thru this. This damned virus is making it very hard to find help. But please know we are here for you to listen and know that you are being heard.

I'm sorry you were there to witness that life-changing choice that someone else made.

Glad you are here. We will help if we can.