Vivid dreams


A gush of extremely vivid dreams last night. Not criterion A but related to real events in my life that have bothered me. verbal abuse from a bullying boss (who was so aggressive and inappropriately angry all the time that years later I can not be around men who look like him) being ditched by friends and the lonliness and grief that gave me in junior high. Just a pot of miserable stuff last night. Oh well. Maybe it needed to come out


I used to use those kind of dreams to direct my therapy. I would discuss the dreams and real events with my therapist to work through them. I figured that's why they came up.


i'm another who uses especially vivid, life-related dreams to guide my therapy, most especially if they are related to past events. i take those dreams as a sign that my psyche needs closure. when i don't have a current pro-therapist, i seek resolution through journaling and sharing within my peer support network.

i hate it when i start judging people by their appearance/gender. it makes the world entirely too small a place.