Vulnerable Times To Flashback

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After having years of PTSD without significant flashbacks, with more dissociation (amnesia, blackouts, zombie, no hunger, disconnected from my body, etc) only to enter a very active flashback phase for some times, I am curious about what happens in a person to make them vulnerable to such a phase.

My research revealed these life events as commonly noted as precipitous to flashbacks/intrusive memories of trauma that were previously inaccessible and buried in amnesia:

1. birth of the 2nd child;

2. death of the abuser/death/grief;

3. a terminal illness diagnosis;

4. a head trauma or major injury;

5. a similar trauma event;

6. getting 'strong enough' or independence or success;

If you can think of others or have recently experienced other life events and life circumstances that led to your having a sudden burst of flashbacks where near or total amnesia for trauma was previously the status quo, I'd be interested in having your experience added to the list.

Keep in mind, it's okay and you don't have to mention the content of the flashbacks or trauma. Only the context is what I'm after.

I'm also not looking for what was happening in your immediate surroundings that triggered the first flashback memory. Since people go on to have many flashbacks then, without that same trigger being needed, it is more likely the straw that broke the camel's back.

I'm interested in the preconditions.


Excellent thread.

I would have to say a new relationship once the rush of being in love starts to settle a bit. The time frame comes up in new threads on a regular basis.


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This happened to me two years ago, and I'm still in the cycle. I think that what happened to me is that I had been using the same coping mechanisms for decades and they just sort of "wore out." I have also read that it isn't unusual for women in their late 40's to early 50's to experience this as a result of menopausal hormone changes. I don't know your age, but thought I'd mention it.

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After having years of PTSD without significant flashbacks, with more dissociation (amnesia, blackouts, zomb...

Just recently happened to me, like 2 weeks ago. Walked into an waterpark with my kids and wife and it hit me like a truck. Barely got to a chair without passing out. Took 90 minutes to get my feet under me and back under control. Most of that time I felt like my plugged it the wall, distracted, hyperalert, and on sensory overload.

This was a surprise as the last time I was taken so unawares was at least 30 years ago. My defenses are so ingrained that this stuff just doesn't happen to me anymore, or so I thought. As soon as I got my head somewhat straight I started journalist the event and my thoughts and feelings over the next 2 days. About ready to open that and go read and think what happened through and try and figure this out.
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I had my 2nd child and had experienced enough strength and new coping skills to be "ready" I think so that old dissociative coping no longer was a match for my functioning. So in that sense it did wear out. Thank you for that phrase, @Lynn49

I was taking Magnesium. If I took it too much, perhaps its toxicity prompted.

Curious, if anyone else was taking Magnesium supplements regularly. A mod here, @Simply Simon, to whom I am very grateful for mentioning on my thread that one can take too much Magnesium and have toxicity, is I think my hero. Thank you, Simon!

I no longer take it and have not been having flashbacks, other than occasional emotional flooding that is not very severe and passes quickly.
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