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Waking Up Angry - Related to PTSD?

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I have had two partial EMDR sessions and tomorrow I am booked for a full hour and a half.

I have been dreaming soooooo much. I am waking up extremly angry and I really have to focus to keep it together and not lose my patience...it feels like I have NONE first thing in the morning. I always apologize if I have yelled...I am not mean but definately raise my voice enough to feel very guilty. I have to not talk first thing until I can pull it together. I don't like feeling so out of control.

The memories and dreaming...UUUGGGHHH....I know it is going to get worse before it gets better but does anyone else wake up angry?????? How do we deal with these intense emotions???? I am beginning to feel like I am just going to lose it.

During the last EMDR she asked me something and at that moment I felt like I wanted to whip the paddles I was holding right across the room.......holy anger.....it is kind of scaring me.
I wake up angry if I'm woke up by something or someone. It startles me and causes me to get angry. It takes a few minutes to figure out what is going on and then I level out. Also, I wake up feeling guilty if I sleep to long?

I hope you feel better soon
Hi Pandora.

As you know I've been going through EMDR lately too. My dreams are the worst! I have haunting and bazaar nightmares that range from extremely violent to inappropriately sexual and I tend to wake up feeling angry, confused overwhelmed and depressed. It can take me hours or whole days to recover from them. One of the main things I do is immediately turn on cartoons and watch them for awhile. It really helps me to take things a little lighter. I realize that most adults aren't really into cartoons but I love 'em cause they're wacky and not serious in any way (don't watch the dramatic ones).

Anyway that's the main thing I do to change my head. I wish I had some magical solution for you but this is as close as I can get.:Hug_emoticon:

Whatever you do try to take care of yourself.

Best wishes, Morgan
Hi, Pandora.. I can relate to this.
I wake up angry at least 4 days a week, and for no obvious reason at all. I can't remember dreaming anything either..anyways it lasts throughout the day and inflicts on my surroundings.

I was supposed to go to anger management, but I refused, because I'm not so much angry as I used to be. Back then, it really was a problem..
it takes me about 5 minutes to bring myself into reality, unfortunately, My son speasks constantly when he wakes up, like there is a firecracker under bis bum (ha ha ) I have to remind him to wait and talk to mommy when i can pull myself together. i find washing my face, changing sometimes, putting cream on.....this hgelps and then he can and does bombard me with a very lengthy story, usually related to a video game that I have no idea about but I pretend and try and smile and laugh for him.........the anger though....wow it really can hold me back somedays and then I just tell him I am having a bad day....he is starting to understand a bit.
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