Waking up dead! Mirtazapine messed with anyone else’s sleep patterns?


My GP has me back on Mirtazapine again. They really arn't doing anything apart from scaring the crap out of me two or three times a night. I wake up and it feels like my heart has stopped and I'm not breathing. The time distortion is a bit odd but it seems like an age passes before i can breathe again. GP says it's just messing with my sleep patterns. Anyone else had this ?


I take mirtazapine 45mg at night. It doesn't make me feel better but it does help me sleep. Sometimes have weird dreams. Last week the put me on escitalopram in the morning which helps alot.
The lower the dose the higher the sedative qualities are with Mirtazapine. My female doc hates this drug as she says they are actually given to cats to entice them to eat more food! 😫 When I was on it I was always hungry and sleepy... even on 30mg. Most people I know take 15mg which is great for getting to sleep at night but it's notoriously bad for making bad insulin levels worse. If you are pre-diabetic, or have PCOS avoid this Med because it started to make my blood glucose soar.