Waking up with Bruises


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I’ve gone to bed with no bruises and had dreams of my ex attacking me, well not dreams more like flashbacks. When I wake up I have the EXACT bruises he left there years ago! I don’t know if anyone else has had their happen


I’ve given myself strangulation bruises, because in my nightmare I’m fighting off someone strangling me. Which means I have my hands around my own throat (their hands in the dream), trying to pull their hands off me. As well as the same scratches I gave myself at the time, because in the dream I’m curling my fingers around their hands, which means in real life, I’m digging my fingernails into my own skin.

Similarly, if I’m striking out in my sleep? I’ll get the same bruises from walls, lamps, etc... as I’m getting from striking a person, or someone else striking me.

Defensive wounds are quirky, like that. They mirror the attack, itself.

Conversely? I’ve HAD nightmares springing from real life injuries brought on by thrashing. IE if I knock a lamp onto my face, flailing around? If the lamp hits my eye, I’ll have one nightmare, but if it splits my lip? It’s a different nightmare. Very much like how an alarm, or need to pee, alters whatever dream I’m having to include an alarm, or music, or trying to find a toilet.


Totally! I would many times self harm in my self in the same ways as I was in my past. Wake up with blood all over me. My finger nails is all I could think of, of how that happened. Run into the wall lot in my sleep. So much that I had to turn the recliner I sleep in afraid I would run through a window. I'm a super active sleeper and would harm myself a lot during nightmares.