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Want Suggestions Concerning Husband's Fight With PTSD

Discussion in 'Supporter Discussion' started by geeksx2, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. geeksx2

    geeksx2 New Member

    My main interest is entering the spouse forum to get some suggestions on my husband's downhill fight with PTSD. We have been married 37 years. He became violent this summer.
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  3. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    I moved your post to the carers forum. Welcome to the board.
  4. Jen

    Jen Well-Known Member

    Hi Geek welcome to the forum! Has he become violent towards you? It becomes difficult when you have been married so long to see the change in them hey?
    Feel free to express yourself here you will feel better!
  5. Kathy

    Kathy I'm a VIP

    Welcome to the forum Geek, lovely to have you. This is the carer's forum, formerly called the spouse forum, so you are now in the correct place (thank you Veiled).

    Are you still with him, even though he has become violent? Was it just a one time affair or something that's happening often? Honestly, if he is continuing to be violent, my advice is to separate, for your own safety. That is not to say you still cannot support him and so on, but you needn't put yourself in danger at the same time. You must think of yourself as well, you are important too.

    My husband and I have been married almost 36 years, so I well understand the bond that develops from being together so long, and the devastation you must feel at the changes in him. How long has he had PTSD? Please feel free to share more whenever you are ready, members here are interested and care.

    In the meantime, we have a carers information section with many helpful articles and suggestions, perhaps you would like to read in there if you do not yet feel comfortable sharing:


    Do take care!
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