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Childhood Wanting to report abuse

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I want to report my abuse. The abuse I suffered from my older sister. I'm broken and traumatized inside. She was 7 when she started abusing me and 11 when it ended. I was 4 and 8 years old. She told me not to tell anyone because of her own abuse. I'm lost and confused. What should I do?

Welcome to forum. Do you have a therapist? Might be worth getting one first if you don't, n speaking to them about it first if you do. I dunno where you live, n obviously you don't have to say, but here in the UK we have specialised services (victim support etc) that can talk you through what the process would be if you decide to go ahead with it.

Few things to consider though, what do you hope to happen from reporting it? And would you be okay with any (realistic) outcome from it?
I want justice. That's all.
What does justice look like, to you?

And who from... the kid who hurt you, or the adult who hurt them? <<< Asking because most countries won’t prosecute children who act out their own abuse on other children, unless the other child dies. They go after the adult who started the daisy chain, instead, and count all the children as their victims / both the children they sexually assaulted and all the other kids those kids sexually assaulted, that they can round up and get testimony from. ESPECIALLY in cases of young children, like the 7yo in your life. ((All of this assuming that there isn’t a statute of limitations, that means no one can be tried.)) But some jurisdictions will prosecute both children & now-adult child victims, and some will prosecute now-adult children if they refuse to cooperate in naming names / impeding a police investigation, perverting the course of justice, etc. <<< Essentially? It’s very complicated, and highly dependent on the jurisdiction you live in. So if you’re looking for your sister to be put on trial for what she did when she was 7? It’s a lot less likely, although still possible in some places, than the relative who assaulted her being investigated and tried.
Hi @imdoneone , sorry for the reasons your here. It's horrid. Other people have posted their opinions and I would recommend finding a counsellor/therapist to help you navigate this difficult trauma and time in your life. You need professional support. Best wishes S3.
I'm not sure what country you live in and what the criminal age of responsibility is. In the UK it is 10 years old. Meaning, any crime committed before that age the child has no legal responsibility for because they are seen as not competent to understand the consequences of their actions.

You might want to check that out for the country you live in?
Hi , i reported my abuser ( brother ) he was 3 years older and abused me for 7-8 years and shared me with his friends too. In the uk he would have to be tried under the law at the time which would have stated that he would be too young ( 9-17) to understand that what he was doing was criminally wrong - ( the law changed in the early 90s - although too late to help me). I went through 2 years of pain and distress - thankfully i have an amazing therapist and support network. The uk crown prosecution service decided due the law at the time they couldn’t try him ... as they didn’t believe they had a chance of conviction by a Jury. I was constantly told that i was a strong witness and believed but ... well its the law!! I feel so let down and angry and after so much hard work going through the police interview process etc - all for nothing. I felt and still feel like ive been turned inside out / ripped apart - it’s unbearable at times. Im amazed i was able to share .. i think its the anger that kept my fingers typing ... need to go now.
Apologies i feel like ive hi-jacked your thread . I just wanted to let you know that its a tough decision so think about it - its a painful journey for many reasons. Would i do it again if i went back in time .... f*ck yea. Abusers need to take responsibility for what they have done. I wish you all the best .. take care .


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I wonder what would've happened if I told my mother about my older sister touched me inappropriately and reported it. What would happen to my sister?
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