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Washington, DC and Northern VA Support Group

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I m located within the areas mentioned. I had severe abuse as a child I started have severe PTSD over 2 years now. I had symptoms when younger, but everyone "chucked it up" As I was the timid, shy, stay to herself girl, that was social inept,. Anyway, I would like to be part of this group you are leading. I have been waiting for one to get started. Thanks
I dont' know if you are still starting - or have already started the group, but my email is <email removed>. I'm a carer, not a sufferer, so please only contact me if I would be an accepted viewpoint in the group.

hi! My name is Dianna from Norfolk VA, I just started a support group at meetup.com it's called PTSD Survival Group. It is exclusive only for people who's suffering from PTSD and CARER.


Hi I live in Herndon and Have PTSD suffered for 12 years and so any info on your group would be great....Thanks
I'd be very interested in meeting up. PTSD sufferer for 20+ years, only diagnosed last year though so finding it very tough to deal with alone. Living near DC. Let me know, thanks :alien:
Hi, I am new to the forum and I live in Silver Spring and would like to meet others suffering with PTSD. I have dealt whith this by myself without taking about it with anyone and kept my trauma a secret for many many years. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD as well as Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression.

You're not too far away from me (Bethesda area). Hello and welcome! I am here for chats, I'd like to connect with other local people and maybe meet up one day for coffee and support :)
Hey Doolali,

Thanks for the reply. I am interested in meeting up and building friendships with others who also have PTSD. I would like to meet up with other people who have had the similar experiences. If you are interested in chatting or meeting up, I am as well.
That would be good, let's exchange some emails and see how we go. I definitely would like to find some support from people who understand PTSD.

I'll send you an email :)
I live in the Rockville, MD and recently discovered a group on meetup .com called Unsilenced which offers meetings in Northern Virginia area, and recently has expanded to Washington, DC and Rockville, MD. I've only attended a few meetings, smaller groups of around 6 people, but it was interesting and helpful to talk with people with other trauma histories.
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