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Ways To Experience Emotions

Discussion in 'General' started by Bradinn, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Bradinn

    Bradinn New Member

    Hi There everyone,

    This is my first post on the board, though I have been reading and following the topics for some time now. My wife suffers from PTSD, and it's associated fun of anxiety, panic, depression. She has been in therapy for close to a year and a half now, and has made some great progress. At the moment though, she has become a bit stalled, and I am hoping for some suggestions. I apologize if this is in the wrong section, as I have a question that directly involves dealing with some of the issues of PTSD, I felt it better to ask in this forum, rather than in the carers section.

    At the moment, she is having a real problem in experiencing emotions. She has hit a bit of a block. She is so used to numbing the emotions and purposefully not experiencing them, that now that she is trying to, it's not really working so well for her.

    I was hoping that there might be some suggestions around articles on the net, techniques, books, anything that may give her a new dierction to go, or some new things to try to assist her in breaking through the wall that she has built.

    I really appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this.
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  3. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi Bradinn, welcome to the forum. All I can suggest is that you look through the posts already contained, print out what you believe she could use, and read it to her, with her or allow her to read it. Most of what your asking is already here, you just have to search for it and sift through it all.
  4. willing

    willing Active Member

    Welcome to the forum. This is a fantastic site. You seem to be very supporting of your wife. Just note that we sometimes try to do our very best for our carers and can't always keep up the front. You sound like you want her to keep progressing without digressing. Emotional blocks are for a reason...we don't always know what they are or why. Anyway, I guess I am saying just make sure you are not putting too much pressure on her to keep getting better. Slow is real.
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