General We feel that our country doesn’t let us protect our family + ourselves (corona related)


My vet is triggered by germs + by this pandemic actually.

One of our sons is school aged. The other kids are younger. We have compulsory on site schooling in our country. He likes school and I never had a problem with this until the corona pandemic came.

We hoped that because of the corona pandemic home schooling would be allowed in our federal state. One federal state allowed it. It has now turned out that this is not the case.

My vet is higher risk for COVID-19 and his company has send him into home office. We hoped that they might allow children of high-risk parents to stay at home. It turned out that this is not the case in our federal states but high risk parents are asked to isolate from their children. Technically my vet could do that because we have two buildings but of course he isn’t.

Before the school holidays we already had outbreaks at schools.
Now we might be at the beginning of a second wave. Our CDC tells us so and tells us to be very careful, socially distance and so on. They tell us that nobody is safe from corona and that they young ones aren’t.

At the same time we will be forced to send our son to school without any possibility to socially distance. Our CDC recommended socially distancing in schools but have no say on it. Just this week they said that the risk of a corona outbreak in not socially distanced schools was high. A number of scientist have said the same, while other say it will be safe.
There seems to be no consensus but I think most scientist say our schools aren’t safe.

We live in an area where the coronavirus activity currently is above average.
Our son flourished in school. He doesn’t really need it for it intellectual development. Academically he is ahead of his class and we had no trouble homeschooling. However he is a boy who likes to be around other boys.
He is still seeing other kids (outside and only from families who are careful about the coronavirus) and of course he has sibling. I also plan to enroll his younger siblings in daycare again as soon as it feels safe (daycare isn’t compulsory where we live)... but right now it doesn’t feel safe. We have more cases of coronavirus then we had when the schools where closed.

Both me and my vet are very heartbroken about this decision and don’t know what to do. Move to the federal state that allows homeschooling? But we have a house here + my vets job is here. He currently works from home but might have to be in office some day... that also makes moving to another state difficult.

My vet is very stressed + me too. How to cope with him being stressed and having to help him cope with that while at the same time also being very stressed?


Yeah, am I weird to feel like this about school during the pandemic? In our country everybody with very few exceptions everybody has to be in school... but I know homeschooling is allowed in other countries.

I wish so much that homeschooling was allowed (at least for the parents whose children are doing well in school) just for one or two more months, just to see if there are more outbreaks. There already have been smaller outbreaks before the holidays.

I do not want to keep him away from school for a longer time. He flourishes when among lots of other kids. Just one or two month of homeschooling to see if this is really the beginning of the second wave and if the a major outbreaks in schools would be great.


Any possibility that your husband’s company has offices abroad? Or he can continue to work from home abroad? Perhaps to a small island somewhere, with mandatory quarantine and low to zero infection rates? Mountain chalet? Semester at sea?

The stress of 1 plane flight, & 14 days -vs- 300 some odd days of school?


Phew... really? Before the pandemic they where always searching for people to send them abroad (and even paid them better + things are cheaper, so that they had a high standard of living). However right now most things are online.

I mean there are a lot places in our country that are a lot safer then where we live... actually most places. Our MP (governor) isn’t really smart when it comes to corona.

My guy actually talked about moving...
but... phew... what if we do that... just to find out that those who said school are actually safe are right? Actually I like this places... apart from the fact it’s sending our kids to school.

We own a house here, we plus kids have friends here.

Some say kids cannot get corona at the same rate grown ups do. Some say it is safe for people under 50 + that your age matters more then your medical conditions.

Homeschooling one more month had little “cost“ for us + the kids... but really moving, loosing their friends.
What if we move to a place that has little corona and then there is an explosion of cases? Homeschooling is only allowed in on single state of Germany and my vet has no job there.


Our schools are reopening here in a few weeks, and it’s a hot mess right now. One district in my county went to 100% online school for the first quarter already. I don’t think anybody knows what to do. My theory is that after opening they’ll swiftly get closed down again... Especially if all the staff test positive and have to quarantine.


My theory is that after opening they’ll swiftly get closed down again... Especially if all the staff test positive and have to quarantine.

I have the same theory. And I know other parents who have this theory too. I cannot understand why they don’t let the parents who think so homeschool for just one or two months.

There have been both parent protest in favor of opening schools and parents protesting against opening schools here. Some parents need to work and need schools to be open and think there is no risk. I understand this... but why does everybody have to be there? Why aren’t we given a choice? We are educated, our son is doing well in school. We do not neglect our kids.

Politicians say schools need to be open because poor kids need the school meals.

I do not understand. Why not just give the poor more money? I do homecook for our kids. I can prove it. My food is much better then school meals (not really difficult). Why forcing everybody into school instead of providing the very few kids whose parents cannot afford food/cannot cook with meals?


So we decided to do nothing... because the time is too short to do anything.
It came as a surprise that they really decided to open the schools without possibility the socially distance. They say they would do it - if infection numbers they that low... Infection numbers didn’t stay low. It was a surprise they decided to open the schools nevertheless. I also thought they had some kind of plan to keep the kids safe. They don’t have any.
I talked to other people who said uprooting your whole life with four kids within a few days is nuts when you don’t have a home or job where you planning to go.
I hope it’s not the wrong choice. My vet would have moved to the federal state that allows homeschooling If I was on board but everybody said it was nuts.

I feel caught between two choices both of which are shitty a) give up your whole life including house, friends, everything or b) possibly expose your kids to the coronavirus.

Even more scientist/think tanks have spoken out against it now... and I am just sad. Why does our country force us to expose our kids that way if the majority of scientists say it isn’t safe and there will be deaths? Why aren’t we given a choice? They don’t own us.

We only had a few days to plan, because they told us schools would fully reopen despite rising infection numbers and that kids of people who where high risk COVID-19 had to be there only a few days before reopening.
It would have been very, very fair if they told us at least some weeks in advance that they are planning to open schools if there is a second wave... but in fact they told us the opposite.

Like they enjoy putting people in a place where they have no choice plus also putting schools in a place where they have no choice... because they made concepts for socially distanced teaching, reduced class size and so on in the last weeks. Now they are not allowed to use those.