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We Fumble And Stumble But We Find a Way

Discussion in 'General' started by beatle_bailey, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. beatle_bailey

    beatle_bailey Active Member

    As long as I seek the answers , I will find my way ,,, I once asked a man or yelled at him how do I find a power greater than me God as I understant him , when I don't understant him at all ,,, his reply was {your doing it now } A year or so later he was dead ,, but I remember his words to this day ,, I just need reminding every once in a while ,,,
    last week I was wondering how to open this closed heart ,,, the answer was right in front of me ,,, when the pain and emotions got great enough I reached out for answers ,, I asked for help ,,, from my friends and people in this forum ,,, you are friends to ,,,
    I learned a long time ago then forgot ,, the best way to help me is to try to help somone else ,, expect nothing in return and you will always be surprized with what you get in return ,,,
    Anthony know a friend I have from this site who lives close by ,,,,
    we have bin talking more lately than we have bin talking in months ,,, life has a way of putting space between people ,,, I am not as icesolated as I was for a while ,,, I can get icesolated in a crowd ,,,
    All of you in this forum and my people in AA help me to keep going forward ,,, I am greatfull for all the help I get every day ,,, I just have to remember that ,,, you see I have a nother silly ilness CRS can't remember Shit ,,,,
    thanks all where ever you are Beatle Bailey you humble me with your strenth and determination to heal
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