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We like using the forum. Let's not lose it.

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MyPTSD runs on member donations. The annual operating expense is diligently kept low by the forum's founder and web-guru, @anthony. For this, he collects no salary - nor does he wish to. All moderators are volunteers. I'm a volunteer. And the heart and soul of this forum is made up out of all of you - it's members and guests.

We are not quite halfway through the calendar year, but our current donations are half what they should be right now, were we on-track to make our annual goal.

I recognize that it's been a hard couple of years, and many people have been wrestling with loss of wages, loss of opportunity, and the most devastating loss of family and loved ones.

So: If you can donate a dollar, donate a dollar.

If you can do more? Do more.

Remember that one person donating more than a dollar is like one person donating a dollar on behalf of themselves, and four of their forum friends. Or nine. Or 19. Whatever you can reasonably spare.

I am certain there are those within our community who simply don't have a dollar to spare in their day-to-day. I'll say it loud and clear: there's absolutely no shame in that. Speaking for myself - I'm happy to give a little more, to support my community here so that we can all continue to be here, posting and growing this amazing resource for people living with or being affected by CPTSD/PTSD.

If you've got questions about how to donate? Or want more information about what happens when you donate? Just shoot us a note over in Contact Us, and we'll walk you through it!
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