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Natural Disaster Weather Freakout - Tornado Warning

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Ok so there is a tornado warning for the area that we live in but I work in the South metro area and it isn't bad here, but both of my kids are in school up there and it is freaking me out! I called my daughters daycare and she answered and said she had all the kids in the basement and it was ok so far just hail and straight line winds. I tried to call my son's school but the line was busy and on top of it I wonder what my house looks like, the line of bad weather on the radar is right over our house, I pray, I just pray! I want to cry I am freaked.

Hope is all going well. I certainly can relate, it is a fast way to mess me up. Please let us know how everyone is.
Everything is fine up here now. It was a crazy weather day though, go way to make an already bad day worse for sure. Our neighborhood was fine but by my daughters daycare there were powerlines down, trees down, it looked much worse. The kids are all fine though, actually my little one slept through the storm because it was at nap time. My son was just excited, he loves weather.
I haven't been around much lately so I only read your thread now, but I'm glad everything is okay Monarch. That must be a relief for you. I think I relate to your son, I was in a tornado once with my father as a little kid and it was frightening, but generally speaking I love wild weather. The last time I saw a funnel cloud was about 2 years ago in Saskatchewan and I was mesmerized by it. I literally had to pull myself away to get to safety, I just wanted to stare at it, I was practically in a trance, no fear. I like thunderstorms too, and the gales we get here in Newfoundland off the bay.

Anyways so glad everything is all right. Take care.
hi there

Oh good, I'm glad everything's ok. My son would have acted just like yours - he loves weather too - especially lightning (not good). Anyway, happy it's over.
Thanks everyone. I don't like tornado's, but I grew up in FL on the ocean so we don't really worry about tornado's there, it is more hurricane's. I love thunderstorms and stuff but tornado's freak me out and if I am not with my kids I don't like that either.
I'm in Minneapolis and know exactly where you are! I know this is after the storm and tornado warnings, but...I hope you're doing okay after the fact.
thanks Daomadan, that is cool, someone else in Mpls, don't hold it against me that we live in the burbs, we are uptowners at heart! LOL
I'm kinda like you in a way Batgirl when it comes to the weather. The tornado is my first memory. I am also mesmerized by wild weather. At times I feel like Captain Dan in Forrest Gump when he tied himself to the mast and was screaming at God during the storm. I feel all redneck like "Bring it on! That the best you got?! C'mon! You didn't kill me the first time and I DARE you to try again!" How freak'in futile is that?!?! It's weather, it cares not how I feel. We had a severe system move in a while back during the Fall and I was at work at the time. They crowded us into a hallway several times that night. I felt like a caged animal because I couldn't be out in it.
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